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2023: Former Agege Aide Says APC Can’t Win Guber Election In Delta



By Daniel Dafe

Former Senior Legislative Aide to the Deputy Senate President, Billy Egbe has said that he does not see the APC winning the 2023 gubernatorial election in Delta State, saying that “the structure to win a gubernatorial election in a State like Delta is larger than what the APC in Delta State can point to.”

Egbe in a Facebook post on Monday centred on explaining the reasons for his exit from the APC and subsequent decamping to the PDP, said that he cannot shy away from the fact that he owes his teeming supporters and followers and even enemies an explanation on what informed his decision.

Adding: “To shy away from letting you, my people, know the circumstances surrounding my decision would amount to lack of regards for you.”

He continued: “I truly owe you and I am sorry for acting like I didn’t owe you an explanation. I sure owe you and I am going to try as much as I can to create a window from where you can see the reasons for my actions.

“It will also be helpful for you to come to terms with the fact that this our game of Thrones is a matter of interest.

“And interest is subject to individual interpretation. Your interest may differ from my interest. But I truly want you to know that my reasons are not self-centred. If they were self-centred, I would not have wasted so much time in the APC by virtue of the quality of relationship I have with key Men in the PDP and Delta State Government. But as you all knew, despite all of that, I didn’t relent in my roles as a voice of the opposition in Delta State.”

Continuing, he assured those that believe in him that his joining PDP is good for him and his political race, stating: “I know that you can only wish me well. You actually go where you friends are.”

“And I am not one who dramatises his loyalty. Loyalty for me is an emotional thing. I don’t transact it.

“I know that some of you are disappointed but kindly understand that this decision is in my best interest and for the protection of my political future.

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“I assure you that this is a good decision and you’d make the same decision if you were in my shoes,” he said.

Furthermore, he opined that a “lot of people want to leave the Party but cannot do so because they didn’t build relationships outside the Party.”

“I was able to build relationships outside the Party. And not just relationships that were built on party membership but relationships that were built on mutual respect, civilization and brotherhood,” he averred.

To his supporters, he said: “If not for all your support for me, whether through criticism or praise of my political activities in the past 9 years of being in the APC, who am I to be welcomed to a new Party by the Governor and his Principal Secretary.”


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