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One Dies As Fire Engulfs Residential Building In Sapele



One Dies As Fire Engulfs Residential Building In Sapele

By Valerie Oyibo-Itie

It was a gory scene in Omene Road, Sapele, Delta State, as fire engulfed a residential building killing a man in his early 40s.

Omene Road, Sapele was besieged by onlookers and sympathisers as the burnt body of a young man in his early 40s was carried out of the burnt building, wrapped with mat.

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An eyewitness (who declined giving his name) account said that late in the night, they heard the cry of help from someone in the building and identified the voice to be that of Daniel a.k.a Malaysia but thought he was drunk as usual but when the cry continued, they had to rush to the scene only to meet an helpless situation as the fire had completely encircled Mr. Daniel.

Another eye witness that gave his name as Sammy, who said he lives nearby, said he heard the cry of Daniel for help but before they could get to his aid, the fire had completely engulfed the building.

The cause of the fire was identified as a candle that was lit when power went off at night.

Sammy said the state fire service was called to help put off the fire but their vehicle got sunk close to the building and their hoax could not get near enough to do anything meaningful, saying that the location of the house was swampy.

The fire service personnel on ground declined making any comment.

As at the time of filing this report, the deceased had been taken out of the building by neighbors, awaiting the arrival of the police even as relatives of Daniel were anxious to take the body for burial immediately.

Neighbors described Mr. Daniel as an easy going guy with a wife and kid but very peaceful.


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