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Re: NNPC Ltd: Buhari Must Stop Strangulating The South-South People: I Share Oyofo’s Further Concerns



NNPC To Sack 500 Staff

I acknowledge all the feedback received on my recent appraisal on the above subject, but I was jolted by the reality in the angle reflected by former Shell External Relations Manager, West, Engr Harriman Oyofo when he reasoned that the problem in the South-South is more self-inflicted than caused by external stakeholders.

In Oyofo’s own words, “South-South politicians, traditional rulers, elites and locals are the architects of the underdevelopment of the South-South of Nigeria. The Hausas/Fulanis and Northerners are not the cause of our problems.

“Our politicians, traditional rulers, elites are the problem. Our problem is not resource control. Those cheated locals still run after the politicians/elites for practically doing nothing.

“What are your ‘distinguished and honourable’ NASS members, governors, house of assembly members, traditional rulers, unions, market women, academia, public influencers, NGOs, activists, religious bodies, etc, doing about it?

“Are they aware that a slash in the face of one is a slash on all faces? Who’ll enlighten them, who’ll educate them, who’ll mobilise them to the far-reaching, fencing and compulsory reality of a deceptively and forcibly stolen future while all involved were busy guarding their limited private concrete slabs selfishly?

“Think deeply of those first to understand why Buhari can freely do what he is doing. Search yourself first because until we start stoning the lackeys who speak on our behalf the Buhari’s of this world will feel or act no different towards this region.”

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The South-South people are blessed with natural rivers, and creeks and today most of these creeks/rivers are drying up to the extent that one can walk on rivers. The rivers and creeks which the Federal government wants to take over have become land that one can trek.”

I still remember when we were growing up, John Holt Company was managing/operating the Okpare-Olomu wharf. Big vessels were offloading and loading raw materials such as palm kernel, palm oil, rubber, timber, etc.

And the opposite side of Okpare-Olomu town is Iwhrekan town where you have Africa Trading Company(ATC) habited by Europeans. Okwagbe wharf was another seaport used by Europeans for their imports and exports and today all of these creeks/rivers have dried up due to lack of maintenance and no one is bothered. Everyone wants to be a politician.

In the entire Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA), no South-South person is a manager/director. The people of the south-south of Nigeria are gifted with these natural resources. This is not oil, condensate or gas.

The truth is that Delta state and South South people of Nigeria are led by poor mentally retarded politicians. With all the stolen/looted money they remain mentally poor. Our politicians from the south-south of Nigeria have mental challenges.

Imagine they will tar roads in their home communities and the major roads leading to the home communities remained untarred. Are they not having mental challenges? Knowing fully well that one has to drive the untarred/bad roads before you get to their home towns where all their roads are tarred.

Most of them talking of being elected as one thing or the other have no idea of good governance. The majority of tribes know the South-South politicians, elites and traditional rulers lack vision, and they are clueless. All they talk of is to be elected and then start their looting.

The money that has accrued to the south-south states from 1999 till the present is enough to build these states to the standard of Dubai-UAE and Doha-Qatar that have been turned into megacities/tourist centres of the world. All the politicians elected since 1999 till the present are just wasteful.

Zik Gbemre

August 1, 2022


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