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Delta 2023: Okowa’s Bogey Men And PDP Fast Fading Kicks



Delta Aapproves Re-award Of Ayakoromo Bridge, Sector A Of Ughelli-Asaba Road

The PDP in Delta, like Adolf Hitler’s Germany, is fast falling apart, and may rise no more. The party is comatosed, its feeble spasms and kicks are like those of a dying horse. The party adherents put up campaign shows that they know do not resonate with the people. PDP campaigns are often denied access into most communities, when perchance allowed, are pelted and chased out by irate youths for Okowa’s government non performance. The APC on the other hand has found a resurgence that is demolishing every stronghold of the ruling party, with a momentum never before seen, in an opposition party, in the checkered political history of the state. The name, Senator Ovie Omo Agege, is in the lips of everyone, and it rings like a bell with the young and the old, and with market women. No doubt, the people are tired of the PDP, and want the party out, and they know only the APC has the mettle to do so. In my many years in politics I have never seen anything like it.

The reasons are not far fetched, the people now know they have been shortchanged by an uncaring, thieving and lying government. The good Lord bless Gov. Wike for letting the cat out of the bag. The PDP has held the state by the jugular this last 7 years, bleeding it for the sole comfort of Alibaba and his 40 thieves. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa is an indecipherable paradox. Despitefully the governor’s acclaimed high intellect and unmatched academic records, his associates are often mediocres. He has a special place in his heart for morons, school dropouts, and the academically challenged, people that have thrived as street thugs and underworld hoodlums. Delta State parades some of the brightest minds and intellectual juggernauts of the federation, yet the governor prefers semi illiterates.

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He elevated roughnecks to commanding heights from where they breath down menacingly on the neck of impoverished Deltans. They took their “agbero ways” of doing things to the State House, and in tandem with Okowa’s vision of bringing the state under his mercy and total control, as sole godfather and boss of bosses, arm twist both PDP faithfuls and law abiding citizens, to realize total pacification.

Those who have read the history of the Soviet Union under totalitarian Josef Stalin, and George Orwell’s 1984, know what living under dictatorship is all about. Gov. Okowa’s appointees are herded like zombies, they cry silently in their closets, and pretend to be cheerful in public. Hence the new found preference for the APC and the mass exodus. The governor’s puppets oversee the affairs of the State House of Assembly and other important portfolios of the Executive, where they ignorantly sign documents authorizing the governor to pocket every Kobo that enters the state treasury. The governor has promised to handover Delta to these faithful touts when he moves to Abuja as vice president of the federal republic. One can only imagine what would happen to the people if the governor succeeds in his plot.

Thank goodness, several of Okowa’s hencemen contesting elective offices, are in court battling to redeem the credibility of the certificates they claim to possess. These young men took to the streets as urchins way back, where they create mayhem daily, seeing no benefits in attending schools and having a sound education, until Okowa conscripted them into politics. Overnight, they now wave post graduate degrees in our faces. How come? Non has the ability to read a 20 page report, nor write a composition of two paragraphs. I often sit back to reflect on what goes on in the head of the man we have as governor. We must not take anyone at face value, appearance is deceptive. The devil is not the usual painted picture of a man with horns and a tail, we are familiar with, he does come as a smooth refined gentleman.

Only a sadist will squirrel away N300 Billion that belong to the poor masses, and also hang an additional debt of over N200 Billion on their neck. From available records, over N4.1 Trillion have accrued to Delta State, in monthly federal allocations, IGR and loans, in the past seven & half years . But the state remains underdeveloped and the people impoverished. What happened to all that money? The Okowa paradox is beyond the comprehension of the average mind. For a man who took the Hippocratic Oath to serve humanity, his actions undermine the ethics of his noble calling of medical practice. His pious pleas in 2015 of wanting to serve our people, were the rehearsed cants of a con artiste, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He deceived us then and he is doing so now. Deltans must because of Okowa not vote for Atiku and the PDP. The next governor of Delta State, Senator Ovie Omo Agege, has promised to probe the government of Dr. Okowa, and if found wanting make him face the law. Deltans can’t be deceived again. Once bitten twice shy.

Grade one Clark


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