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Reasons Why Ndokwa People Should Vote DSP Omo-Agege



Delta.Guber: Be Calm, We Will Prevail, Omo-Agege Tells Supporters

By Don Kenneth Enumah

Over the years in Ndokwa, there have
been total neglect of the people, especially from the administration of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) 24 years ago. Ndokwa as we are aware comprised of three Local Government Areas, it is the second largest ethnic group in Delta State, a major oil producing area in Nigeria and the largest gas producing in West Africa. But the land has been without government presence. That is, not much to say on developmental achievements as it reflects to her immense contribution(s) for the national growth.

The major needs of Ndokwa people are higher institution(s), electricity, more accessible roads, pipe-borne water, equipped medical centres to mention but a few. The agitations of Ndokwa people towards getting these basic necessities of life proved abortive. Above all, the principal demand of the people of Ndokwa is tertiary institution(s). All efforts made by the PDP leadership to establish tertiary institution all these years was a clear deceit at the first degree to Ndokwa people.

There is no good thing in PDP. This is a great opportunity for Ndokwa people to get herself free from the shackles of PDP leadership. PDP has outlived her usefulness. Ndokwa people have wasted their time on PDP which yielded no good result to the land, it will be a better opportunity for Ndokwa to support DSP Ovie OmoAgege of All Progressive Congress(APC). The continued rule of PDP in Delta State means Ndokwa will remain in a permanent dungeon. DSP OmoAgege of All Progressive Party (APC) should be our next available option.Though he has been criticized of being the mastermind of failure of Federal Polytechnic, Kwale. Ndokwa should please gloss over such an issue for now, because the deed is done, at appropriate time we will address the issue. Two brothers do not eat with lantern. Orogun and Ndokwa are one. OmoAgege is our own. Let first of all, pursue away the hawk that wants to pick away the chick before asking the hen why it was callous. Let us vote OmoAgege before we call him to explain what he knows about the polytechic. By the way, why is it that the failure of the polytechnic is coming out now. This should be PDP’s attempt to discourage our support for Agege. We expect is our hope. That plan is dead on arrival.

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But on a lighter mood, we should also understand that Sen.OmoAgege has made concerted effort to move a bill to establish Federal University of Agriculture at Aboh. Though the bill seems not to come to reality because the present tenure is coming to an end. I know many see the attempt of passing a bill for the establishment of Federal University of Agriculture at Aboh as having political inclination. Either it has a political inclination or not. The deed has been done. Ndokwa, please we must forge ahead. For us to have our political emancipation, we must not give room to distractors. Let us leave every issue about the Federal Polytechnic to be the will of the Almighty God. Ndokwa will have a full fledge University by God’s grace. DSP OmoAgege has started the move at the National Assembly, if he could not accomplish it there (National Assembly) Then, it will be a carry over course for him as the governor of Delta State.

Permit me also to go a step further; Orogun is our nearest neighbour, if OmoAgege as governor, attracts developmental projects to Orogun, Ndokwa equally stands to benefit. Apart from that, all Deltans are one, but the oneness of Orogun and Ndokwa is beyond “oneness” because there have been a strong natural affinity between Ndokwa and Orogun, which is beyond the scope of this work. Let us not be in hurry to forget history for the sake of politics. This affinity has been in time immemorial. Let us keep sentiments aside. Ndokwa let us give OmoAgege a trial that will convince us, 24 years of PDP was catastrophic for us, and it is an unwholesome marriage let us divorce the marriage now before it will be too late for us. PDP continued stay in power will be suicidal and enslaving to the good people of Ndokwa and will be capable of destroying the future of the next generation. Let us vote out PDP with anger. DSP has a good mind towards Ndokwa which will unfold itself no sooner than he is sworn-in. Ndokwa I am begging. God bless you all in Jesus name.


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