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Western Culture, A Cankerworm On African Culture



Western Culture, A Cankerworm On African Culture

By Franklin Ogude

Western influence has become deeply ingrained in African culture, to the point where there might eventually be no one left to transmit the traditions from our ancestors to the next generations.

The media has played and is still playing a pivotal role in the transmission of these cultures and the youths have so much fallen for it. The media which helps to transmit cultural heritage is performing its function for Western countries and Africans are out to imbibe in totality instead of taking a part to advance theirs, and also portraying their culture as dominant.

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The African culture is portrayed at its barest minimum or as subjugated when placed side-by-side with its counterpart. People no longer want to dress or live decently with the excuse of adopting the veneer they call ‘civilization’. People now see indecency as the order of the day, neglecting the fact that these patterns of dressing and way of life are strange to our foundation, and those whom we attempt to imitate, are living up to the way of life their forefathers laid for them. There is beauty in decency, and African culture showcases this. The Western culture is projected innocuously to the world, yet has stealthily infiltrated African cultures.

To curb the total eradication of the African culture and avoid embracing that of the West in totality, there is a dire need for more sensitization in Africa. Young people have to be thoroughly taught the values of our culture and how it is supposed to be carried in place of the foreign culture we attempt to adopt.

Can the media, government, families and other agents of education be a tool for propagating the rich African culture and values in place of the Western culture?

This remains a question with anticipated answers


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