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NAGGW Under Maina Bukar Partnering CSOs To Deliver On Tinubu’s ‘Renewed Hope’ Mandate 



NAGGW Under Maina Bukar Partnering CSOs To Deliver On Tinubu's 'Renewed Hope' Mandate 

The National Agency for the Great Green Wall, NAGGW, under the leadership of Dr. Yusuf Maina Bukar, has shown commitment towards fast-tracking its mandate and delivering on the benefits that it stands to provide quality services to Nigerians. 

The Agency has been transforming Nigerian Drylands through an aggressive and robust tree-planting campaign programme as well as performed excellently well in the aspect of accountability, human capital development, employment creation and other areas. 

This was the submission of the Civil Society Organization Budget Implementation, Assessment, Evaluation and Monitoring Committee, while presenting the scorecard of the Agency during a press conference, which held in Abuja, at the NUJ Press Centre, on Sunday. 

Speaking on behalf of the CSO Committee, the Chairman, Chief Ogakwu Dominic, described NAGGW as a worthy partner with the civil society community, which has been working harmoniously to deliver on the mandate of President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, premised upon ‘renewed hope’ to Nigerians

He noted further that the Committee’s highlight of the numerous achievements of the NAGGW and the contributions of Dr. Maina in sustaining the progress made by his predecessors was not to dress him in saintly robes but bring to the knowledge of naysayers and Nigerians in general the commitment of the Agency in hearkening to the voice of the people.

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Also speaking at the event, the Committee Adviser, Comrade Emmanuel Johnny  explained that the CSO has consistently monitored the agency’s activities including the Zonal Intervention Projects and all constituency projects of the national assembly domiciled in the NAGGW, which he said have been fruitful so far.

He said: “Indeed, under this administration, which is just about a hundred days old, the civil society has arisen to its role of being the watchdog of the society. This trust laced with the belief that our activities will receive the much-needed boost from the government is the foundation upon which this committee was constituted by a coalition of civil society practitioners.

“However, the reason for our gathering here today is to publicly present to Nigerians the scorecard of the National Agency for the Great Green Wall so that Nigerians can without doubt separate the myth from the reality. 

“This press briefing has become necessary given the current happenings on one hand and the need to inform, sensitize, and create awareness about the operational methodologies of the agency hoping that it will engender an honest and patriotic narrative for all and sundry. 

“For the records, it is also important to mention that a few days ago, our national tabloids were awash by the national assembly statement on the National Agency for the Great Green Wall, even as we hold in high esteem the Legislative Arm of the government of Nigeria, and as well the citizens unreserved respect for the hallow chamber, and as much as we will never cast aspersion on their integrity nor join issues with their statutory duty of oversight functions, we want to with all sense of patriotism urge them to apply more caution and decorum in handling matters to avoid misrepresentation, which may bring to disrepute the hard-earned integrity of those who are their partners in progress. 

“Suffice to say that, the NAGGW under the leadership of its current management headed by the Director General and CEO, Dr. Yusuf Maina Bukar have been a worthy partner to the civil society community who have steadfastly put them on their toes to deliver on the mandate of the office even now that President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has brought “Renewed Hope” to all Nigerians through his people-centered and inclusive leadership style.   

“Part of our engagement with the agency has been our continuous monitoring and evaluation of all the agency’s activities including the Zonal Intervention Projects and all constituency projects of the national assembly domiciled in the NAGGW.” 

Some of the achievements of the Agency include transparent leadership, accountability, human capital development, capacity building and job creation.


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