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Tinubu’s New Year Message Lacks Time Frame For Economic Recovery -Oghenesivbe



Text Of President Bola Tinubu's New Year Address To The Nation

…Says PDP Vindicated As APC Government Fumbles

Executive Assistant on Orientation and Communication to Delta State Governor, Dr Latimore Oghenesivbe, has said that President Ahmed Tinubu’s new Year message to Nigerians was devoid of hope, transparency and time frame for economy recovery.

He noted that removal of fuel subsidy and liberalization of the forex market were the two key drivers of hardship and high inflation rate in the country, which Mr President knowingly triggered, and that his new year address ought to have focused on strategies put in place by his administration to crash inflation and pump price of petrol.

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Oghenesivbe while reviewing President Tinubu’s speech with Elder Statesman Akin Fatunke on MiTv live show on Tuesday via DSTV Channel 255, further posited that the vague nature of Mr President’s message to Nigerians had increased the level of hopelessness and overflowing tears for the ordinary citizens who majorly bear the brunt of the nation’s economy woes occasioned by unrealistic anti people economic policies of APC national government.

He averred that national defence, internal security, job creation, macro economic stability, poverty reduction, investment environment stabilization, human capital development, humanitarian services, agriculture, social welfare and/or security which formed the basis of the N28.7 trillion budged signed into law by President Tinubu, ought to have receive prime attention in the speech by way of setting time frame to achieve results for Nigerians.

Oghenesivbe who is also a full member of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, NIIA, and Chief Executive Officer of Delta State Orientation Bureau, DSOB, further stated that for foreign investors to be favourably disposed to invest substantially in Nigeria, the Tinubu administration must urgently end the wave of internal insecurity, and to also do the needful to stabilize power supply for industries to thrive, as well as solve the vexed problems of massive corruption at the corridors of power in APC national government.

He faulted President Tinubu for not deeming it necessary to mention the recent unlawful killings in Plateau State, and for not personally visiting the victims and families of the bereaved, saying that it was old fashioned for Mr President to send his Vice on such a critical mission that requires his personal attention and solidarity.

And on the political crisis in River State, Oghenesivbe said former governor Nyesom Wike, ought to know that Governor Similanayi Fubara now cut the shots as incumbent governor and leader of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and her structures in River State, pointing out that it was not the practice for past governors to claim ownership of the party structure, rather the incumbent governor controls the party structure in trust for the party, leaders and all members.

He said Wike’s claim that he had to support President Tinubu to bring power to the South does not hold waters, adding that after Atiku Abubakar emerged as PDP Presidential candidate, Wike schemed to become Atiku’s Vice Presidential candidate, which obviously nullified his claim and clamour for a southern President.

“Mr President’s address to the nation on new Year day was vague, deceitful, hopeless and a mere academic exercise.

“He ought to briefly tell Nigerians the strategies his administration had put in place to end the dwindling value of the Naira, and to explain how the Port Harcourt and Dangote Refineries would crash the pump price of fuel, so that Nigerians can better appreciate his efforts in that direction, if any.

“President Tinubu should have done well in his speech by briefly articulating his Macro economic reforms and how it will set a new dawn in upscaling our national economic fortunes.

“He did not also explain strategies for job creation and how many of our unemployed youth would benefit from the N28.7 trillion budget. It was a vague speech altogether.

“Mr President deliberately avoided the serial massacre which took place recently in Plateau State. Nigerians social contract with Mr President cannot be overemphasized. He didn’t do well by not vising plateau state to sympathize with the bereaved and victims of the unlawful killings.

“PDP has been vindicated as Tinubu who once said that Fuel Subsidy was a scam to now agree he removed it. In fact, President Mohammadu Buhari paid the highest subsidy ever after demonstrating against what he called nonexistent of petrol subsidy.

“Coming to power by deceit is now glaring. Nigerians now prefer the PDP. Life was better and enjoyable during PDP government at the centre. Nigerians are pained that PDP missed the golden opportunity of coming to power in 2023.

“As a party, PDP will bounce back in 2027. The mistakes of 2023 will not again rear it’s ugly head as we strategize to take over power from APC in 2027.

“As for Rivers State, Former governor Weysom Wike should know that God gives power. He wants to completely crash PDP in Rivers State, but governor Fubara is resisting.

“We are praying for Fubara and God will secure Rivers for PDP and for the good people of the state who voted Fubara as governor,” Oghenesivbe said.


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