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Buhari: Security Of Life And Property, Still Top Of The Government’s Agenda



President Buhari has said that “security of life and property is still top of the government’s agenda.
Speaking during his 2018 new year address to Nigerians, he added: “We have since beaten Boko Haram. Isolated attacks still occur, but even the best-policed countries cannot prevent determined criminals from committing terrible acts of terror as we have seen during the past years in Europe, Asia, Middle East, elsewhere in Africa and in America.”
“Our government remains determined to protect all Nigerians in line with our election pledge and promises,” he said
While thanking the Armed forces, the Police, other para-military forces and traditional authorities for working round the clock to ensure that citizens go about their normal business in reasonable safety, he opined that “terrorism and urban crimes are world-wide phenomena and security forces are continuously adapting their responses to changing threats.”
He continued: “With regard to rampant cases of kidnappings, we are taking immediate shortDafe-term measures to combat this new evil creeping into our societies. Tighter police methods and swift and severe punishment for those proved to be engaged in kidnapping are on the way.”
On the issue of the Niger Delta clean-up, President Buhari disclosed that “government is still engaging responsible leadership of the communities to help in identifying and addressing genuine grievances of the region,” saying that the clean-up programme in collaboration with the United Nations is making satisfactory progress.
President Buhari also thanked the Governors and political & community leaders of the Niger Delta States for their role in bringing relative peace to the areas.

By Daniel Dafe



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