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Lesbianism: Nigerian Lady Narrates How She Absconded Overseas To Evade Justice




By John Tega

A lady in her early 30s, Taiwo Oledaji, has deserted her land of birth and citizenship, Nigeria, and absconded to a foreign country to evade the justice of the land after she was caught by a family friend involved in a lesbian relationship with a friend in Lagos.

A family relative disclosed the developments, but opted for anonymity.

We contacted Taiwo Oedaji to get her account of the whole episode.

Speaking to Oasis Magazine (OM) during an online chat, she said that “in January 2001, I started living with my aunt, Mrs. Odunniyi, due to the distance between my school and our house which was very far. My aunt had a daughter named Dorcas. During my stay with the family, I used to accompany Dorcas to different occasions and parties. During one of our outings, I happened to meet Auntie Omolayo Talabi , who was Dorcas’ school mother while in secondary school.

“Meeting Auntie Layo gave me the sisters figure I had been missing in my life and really brought out the real sexuality in me. Though, we lost contact after graduating from higher institutions.

Coincidentally, in June 2016, I met Aunty Layo again in a shopping mall in Surulere, Lagos. We were happy to see each other after a long period and we exchanged contacts. From there, she started calling constantly and visiting me to know how I feel. Unfortunately, I fell into her arm as I began to imagine our past relationship, and we continued a romantic relationship.

“Considering the tight schedule of my husband, Deji, I was so much in love with my mutual friend that I was gradually becoming far more comfortable with her than my opposite sex partner. Around October 2017, Dorcas visited our house and met us in a romantic position and got to know that I and Auntie Layo were still in love. She threatened to bring it to my husband’s attention and further expose it to my husband’s family members.

“She eventually called and told him. Upon knowing, my hubby was so furious and pained but forgave me because of his religious belief coupled with the fact that he did not want the secret exposed since it was a jailable and abominable offence with capital punishment of dancing naked in the community.

“He called Dorcas to appeal to her but she insisted on getting everyone exposed. My husband took it as empty threats as she was also involved in the act and letting it out to people around will also expose her too.

“Unfortunately, Dorcas did not relent on her threat to tell everyone. She told my husband’s elder brother who later called my husband and I to enquire what happened. We told him the truth. He also informed us that Dorcas had also reported the incident to my husband’s family head and some elders. They invited us for interrogation and wanted us to seek spiritual intervention by performing traditional rituals which include dancing naked in the community in order to avert a chain of misfortunes within the family.

“Rather than facing the ridiculous and embarrassing ritual, we decided to leave the country. Unknowing to me, Dorcas had also reported to the Police Force as she threatened. We received a letter of invitation from the police in January, 2018.

“My husband because of his love for the family and strong belief against family breakdown which will impact negatively on the children shielded me from embarrassment. We were both scared of what will happen next, as it is an illegal and punishable offence under the Sex and Marriage Regulation in Nigeria.

“As a temporary protection, we decided to sleep in houses of different friends and also keep very late night before coming to the house and leave home very early in the morning.

“Immediately, we started sourcing for funds and sold off properties.

Without, any delay we flee out of the country in March, 2018.”

According to our source, Taiwo resides overseas with her husband and kids where she’s seeking protection.


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