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Alleged Homicide: “I Was Framed Up,” Says Dr. Kings



Okpako Omonigho Kingsley

By Christian Egheneji
Barely a year after he was vindicated from a homicide allegation, Mr. Okpako Omonigho Kingsley, popularly known as Dr. Kings or Kuti, has revealed that he was framed up for political reasons to dent his growing reputation.

In an interview granted to Oasis Magazine (OM), the former Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State alleged thus: “People that burnt my house in 2007 killed a pregnant woman and 3 other people and that led to their being declared wanted by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) were behind all these because it is like a revenge for them.”

Recall that Chief Okapko, who was then a staunch member of the PDP and later became the chairman of the party in Ethiope East Local Government got his house burnt by some people due to his unwavering support for the PDP.

He said: “I was detained from the 28th of June, 2019 to 28th of October, 2019. When my name was involved in this issue, the news was everywhere that former PDP Chairman in Ethiope East Local Government was involved in money ritual.

“The Escalade I bought from Joseph Yobo 15 years ago became an issue. The house I built 30 years ago named after my late mother became a topic. Is that even an investment? What do I really have in life? I am just a man that has little money and invests in properties.

“I know the pain and the trauma I suffered. How my integrity was dented. But I give God the glory that I am alive today. If not for the Commissioner of Police (CP) that was passing by that day, I would have been a R.I.P. and no one would have heard my side of the story because the dead would always stay dumb.

“The truth is that I was kidnapped by the Intelligence Response Team (IRT) and it was laughable when I read that I had confessed to the act and taken to prison and would soon be charged to court.

“They even alleged that I was arrested by Hassan. That was not true. I was sold like Joseph to the IRT by some people and they made every necessary step to eliminate me, but I thank God for the CP that was passing by and intervened that since it is a case of homicide, he would take me to Asaba. I was taken to Asaba. The IRT Team said they were answerable to only the IG. After two weeks I was taken to Abuja. There, God used people to intervene and after thorough investigation, I was vindicated.”

The embittered PDP stalwart could not control his emotion when he said thus: “Who am I? An illustrious son of Abraka that is helping the less privileged… Who am I to kill someone? If they are using people to do ritual our fore fathers would have been extremely rich through ritual.”

While advising that it is very wrong for people to jump into conclusion until they hear from both sides, Chief Okpako said that the family of the girl did not see the girl with him and he was in far away Lagos when the girl was killed.

According to him, “In all the investigation my name was not mentioned. I became a big fish to the IRT when unfortunately I received my furniture allowance of 2.5 million naira, while they were harassing me and my phone was with them.

“They came to loot me, kidnapped me and after all the investigation, they only apologized to me that they were sorry for not doing their investigation properly before arresting me and I have been vindicated. So, if I have been vindicated what do I now do with my bastardised name?

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“It is so bad that for committing no offense, a man of statue slept on the bare floor for four months. On handcuff for two months even in a cell! Can you imagine a chief was angry that I was not killed by Hassan? He accused the then DPO that you have been killing people and I should be killed too. The boy was even asked to claim that he brought the girl to my house so that he would be freed. He acted accordingly but was not freed

“I cannot support everybody politically. If you feel you can frame me up because I did not support you politically then I leave you in the hand of God. If I have a hand in the killing of the girl, I swear that may I die like raw egg. May I reap the fruit of my labour in tears and pain. But if I am innocent anybody involved in this framework will die like fowl. Just watch out before the end of 2022.

Chief Okpako concludes that his destiny is in the hand of God and not any man.
In his words, “no one can kill or destroy my destiny, my name”. I am like Joseph. Only time will tell. If they think they can kill my political career, they are lying.”


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