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Insecurity: Right Activist Frowns At Incessant Killings In Udu, Sues For Establishment Of Divisional Police Station



Comrade(Amb) Derrick Oritsetomasan Agberen, Human Rights Activist and immediate past Coordinator of Udu CDHR & current Vice Chairman of state branch of the body.

By Oguns Sammy (Warri)

Following incessant killings which forms part of insecurity in Udu Local Government Area, Delta State, the result of which has led to the loss of many lives and property worth millions of naira, a human rghts activist, Comrade (Amb) Derrick Oritsetomasan Agberen, has called on the Delta State Goverment, Nigeria Police Force under the state command, Forum of Udu President Generals and Non Govermental Organizations (NGOs) to find lasting solution to these barbaric and uncivilized acts in the local government area.

Comrade (Amb) Agberen disclosed this over the weekend in a chat with newsmen in his office in Udu Local Government Area, Delta State.

Comrade (Amb) Agberen who is also the immediate past coordinator of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) Udu and currently the Vice Chairman of the state branch of the body, expressed resentment in the Delta State Government in paying less attention over the alarming rate of crimes in Udu Local Government Area

He said: “The state government is not doing enough on the insecurity challenges in Udu, l tell you, the rate of killings in the area is alarming yet the Government is doing little or nothing to stop these incessant killings; this is very bad.”

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The Vice Chairman of the great body, highlighted the increase of crimes both failed and successful assassinations that have taken away lives (prominent persons) in Udu under the guise of cult groups’ clashes just as he said the killings have taken the lives of young and promising youths.

He added: “It is not only the killings that are associated with cult grougs, but kidnapping, armed robbery are also on increase on a daily basis in the area.”

The rights activist condemned in strong terms the attitude of Udu Local Government Area Chairman, Hon. Chief Jite Brown, for his failure to emulate his counterparts chairmen who applied different plans of action to combat crimes in their area, adding that as as a grassroot politician who is familiar with the terrain, he should be able to find lasting solution to this menace.

He continued: ‘”The Chairman of Udu Local Government Area, Hon. Chief Jite Brown who is a grassroot politician, one would have expected him to do more in this regard.”

According to him, this incessant killings have made many concerned Udu people to allegedly ask if it is a politically influenced negligence of Government on the part of the youths to tackle restiveness or If there are persons allegedly who derive advantage from every act of crime in the land hence little or no attention is made to reduce or completely eradicate this menance.

Comrade (Amb) Agberen said there 32 communities in Udu Local Government Area but it has just one Divisional Police station which is Ovwian Divisional Police station.

Continuing, he said if other local government areas can have more than two (2) police stations, he does not see why Udu can not have, adding that it is because of lack of enough police station in Udu, hence it has made it impossible for police to combat crimes in the area.

Comrade (Amb) Agberen also called on the Forum of Udu President General, NGO and other able personalities in Udu to stand tall and provide lands or building and handover same to Nigeria Nigeria Police Force to be used as Police station in different parts of Udu, saying that this will help to fight crime in the area.

He said: “The Forum of President General, NGO and well meaning Udu people should stand tall to the challenge to ensure that a building is donated for the establishment of a police station in Udu for easy fighting of crimes in the area.

While commending the Nigeria Police Force for combating crimes in the area, he appealed for Anti cult groups, vigilante who have been helping the Nigeria Police Force in combating crimes to be recruited into the Nigeria Police Force so that they can be trained in this regard.

He also called on the youths to shun crimes (violence) and embrace peace instead of making themselves available as tools for destruction.

“l advise the youths to shun crimes (violence) and channel their energy towards useful ventures because they are most effective to make the world a better place for all.”

Comrade (Amb) Agberen also commended the Delta State Governor Senator (Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa for his efforts in tackling unemployment through entrepreneur/ skills acquisition programmes at various levels in the state just as he urged him to focus more on Udu Local Government Area for the youths to be transformed to live a worthy life.

Comrade (Amb) Derrick Oritsetomasan Agberen, Human Rights Activist and immediate past Coordinator of Udu CDHR & currently Vice Chairman of the state branch of the body


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