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Tussle Over Odogwuship Stool Tears Ibusa Community Apart




The tussle for the rightful occupant of Odogwu Ibusa left behind by the late odogwu about four years ago, is drumming up worrisome beat for the Otu-Odogwo family and the Obuzor of Ibusa community is in the news again.

A fresh crisis over who should succeed the former Odogwu of the town, is threatening to tear the agrarian community apart.

Already, traditional kingmakers and Obuzor of Ibusa are divided over the right choice Charles Ositadinma  Okonkwo,(Akulua Unor of Ib’uzor) to ascend the throne as the next odogwu of Ibusa.

The Late Onowu Micheal Emeshie, Diokpa of Otu Odogwu in Ibusa and the entire Otu Odogwu nominated Charles Ositadinma  Okonkwo and the late diokpa perfected his duty by chalking him as custom demands was alleged to have installed Charles Ositadinma  Okonkwo as Odogwu of Otu Odogwu against Obuzor of Ibusa , Obi(Prof.) Louis Nwoboshi described perceived candidate from London. Those against the installation of Charles Ositadinma  Okonkwo claimed that some requisite formalities and notification of relevant authorities were not followed.

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According to a concerned indigene of the town who pleaded not to be named in print, said Obuzor is the King of Ibusa, he belongs to Otu-Odogwu, Umueze as well as Mgboko community.

Adding: “The Mgboko is where Otu-Odogwu emanates and it is this same Mgboko community that brought out Chief Charles Okonkwo to be the next Odogwu of Ibusa. It is only the Diokpa of Otu-Odogwu that has the traditional power to endorse and chalk the person for the title of Odogwu of Ibusa after the community has selected. After  nomination at the village level, like they did now, it is the Diokpa of Otu-Odogwu that will endorse the person with the traditional native chalk. Its about four years now when the last Odogwu of Ibusa died. They were trying to play the politics by imposing people who live abroad as our Odogwu, but the late diokpa of Otu-Odogwu told them that their decision was wrong. That somebody who stays 10,000 miles away from the community can’t be the Odogwu of Ibusa. The person that must be the next Odogwu of Ibusa must be resident in Ibusa. The reason is when there is an external attack from neighboring communities for instance or issues that need immediate attention of their war lord, to the extent of turning into war, do we need to phone the Odogwu who is outside the country to come to our rescue? It is not done. Odogwu must be resident here. That was why the late diokpa told the Mgboko Community that he has endorsed Charles Okonkwo for the title because he lives with us in Ibuzor.”

He continued: “The Obuzor of Ibusa, Obi (Prof.) Louis Nwoboshi cannot select nor nominate our Odogwu for us. He has no traditional right to do so. We nominated Charles Ositadinma  Okonkwo,(Akulua Unor of Ib’uzor) as our next Odogwu of Ibusa and the late diokpa of Otu Odogwu have already chalked him and no other living person can be chalked again from Otu-Odogwu. With reference to the letter from Obuzor of Ibusa dated 5th of Dec. 2019 with reference number OBZ/ABU/6.10/019/002.”

He said, “We do not contest your custody of Odogwu title but the prescribed authority is vested with the responsibility of conferring the title to a worthy son of Otu Odogwu.”

“It is very clear that the Otu-Odogwu followed the stipulated guidelines to ensure the best candidate emerges, The entire Otu-Odogwu picked Chief Charles Okonkwo as the most qualified person because he met all the requirements for the position and this same Chief Charles Okonkwo was conferred with Chieftaincy title as the (Akulua Unor of Ib’uzor) in 2008 by the Obuzor of Ibusa  (Eleven years ago because he is a worthy son of Ibusa). So the Obuzor of Ibusa cannot reject Otu-Odogwu candidate because he is the most qualified person for the position.

“As a result of the alleged installation of Chief Charles Ositadinma  Okonkwo,(Akulua Unor of Ib’uzor) as Odogwu in waiting, The Obuzor of Ibusa, Obi(Prof.) Louis Nwoboshi wrote a letter to Chief Charles Okonkwo informing him that the Obuzor and his palace chiefs have disqualified him for not following the rules and guidelines of the Palace. Obuzor seems to have over reached his powers. By the government white paper that brought Obuzor stool, Obuzor duty here is just to write to the government of Delta State informing them to recognise the person the community selected as their Odogwu.”

Also “By the standing order and rule in Mgboko community that brought out Charles Okonkwo to be the next Odogwu of Ibusa, The Obuzor of Ibusa , Obi(Prof.) Louis Nwoboshi cannot select nor nominate our Odogwu for us , he has no traditional  right to do so ,we nominated Charles Ositadinma  Okonkwo,(Akulua Unor of Ib’uzor) as our next Odogwu of Ibusa and the late diokpa have already chalked him.

“The entire Umueze community in their meeting of 28th October 2019 nominated Charles Okonkwo  for the Odogwu  title and Obuzor of Ibuzor is a member of this Umueze community in respect of the fact that he does not attend Umueze meetings, our decisions are bidding on him so also are the decisions of Otu-Odogwu  Community. Which one are we going to argue who has right or who do not have the right? The right is vested in the diokpa of Otu-Odogwu spiritually and traditionally. Unless Obuzor is trying to usurp diokpa’s traditional powers because he is the king, but in Ibusa tradition “OKPALA KA EZE”. Was he not chalked and crown by the Diokpa of Ibusa for him to be crown the Obuzor of Ibusa? Did Obuzor crown himself King alone?  As it stands today, Chief Charles Okonkwo is the Odogwu of Ibuzor-elect, thank God he has completed the most important processes of IKWA Agana (Ikpu Ogbu).

“We call on all Ibusa sons and daughters and relevant authorities to call Obuzor to order to present and installed Chief Charles Ositadinma  Okonkwo,(Akulua Unor of Ib’uzor) as the Odogwu of Ibusa Kingdom.”


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