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HRH Oberhiri Declares Emonefe As PG Of Emonu-Orogun Community In Ughelli North



HRH Oberhiri Ejenavwo 1st with the New PG of Emonu-Orogun Hon. Jolly Todo during the installation which took place at the Palace recently.

By Ukane Godwin 

His Royal Highness (HRH), Thomas Oberhiri Ejenavwo 1st, the Opkara of Emonu-Orogun community in Orogun kingdom, Ughjelli North LGA, Delta State, has cleared the air on the issue of President General (PG), of Emonu-Orogun community, asserting that, Hon. Todo Jolly Emonefe is the current President General (PG), of Emonu-Orogun community.

The traditional ruler made this clarification at his palace in Emonu-Orogun while speaking to journalists on the circumstances surrounding the emergence of Hon. Todo Jolly Emonefe as the new PG of the community.

According to the traditional ruler, “a vote of no confidence was passed on the former President General, Chief Henry Itedjere on the ground of indiscipline and gross mal-administration and other atrocities committed by him which is against the custom and tradition of Emonu-Orogun community.”

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“And for the interest of peace and harmony, in order to avoid trouble because Emonu is a peaceful community and we want to maintain it, as the head of the community, I HRH Oberhiri 1st, after due consultation with the people of the communuty therefore, installed Hon. Todo Jolly Emonefe as PG according to the custom and tradition of the community and he is the only PG we have  now,” the traditional ruler stated.

However, in a document signed by the following persons: HRH Oberhiri 1st, the Okpara of Emonu, Pa Opkosio Ukwa-Uku, Pa Odilu Aruba (Ukwa Nta), Smart Ogheneochuko Onotu-Uku, in a conference held on the 27th and 28th of December, 2018, which took place at the palace of the Okpara of Emonu-Orogun and made available to newsmen reads that: “It was held on these days that no more police arrest, and all matters should be handled by the Okpara in-council for peaceful co-existence and this was a motion filed by Engr. Lucky Agbaye and the former PG violated this by arresting HRH Oberhiri 1st the Okpara of Emonu and his council members for unknown offence.”

“It was held that there should be an agreement for any Emonu landed property sold or pledged for future reference and this was a motion moved by Dr. Philip Itedjere, this was disobeyed by the former PG, Chief Henry Itedjere by releasing Eighty (80) acres of land to Songhai without an agreement by the Okpara of Emonu and his council members.”

“Chief Itedjere also allegedly boasted that the Opkara of Emonu did not know how he the Okpara came into the thrown as the king, but he, chief Henry Itedjere brought him to be; the Okpara is not an appointed position the kingship in Emonu-Orogun is by the Oldest man (Gerontocracy), which is not appointed by man but by grace from God.’
Chief Henry Itedjere also said that none of the Opkara children worth his possession either by education or by wealth which is the highest insult that could be given to any man let alone a king.”

“And upon both Federal and State government projects coming to Emonu community, the former PG, Chief Henry Itedjere has never come to the palace of HRH Oberhiri 1st  to brief the palace of all these wholesome projects which also is against the custom and tradition of Emonu-Orogu community.” 

“These are many more other actrocities allegedly committed by the former PG, that led Emonu community to pass a vote of no confidence on him. For the interest of peace, we have installed Hon. Todo Jolly Emonefe as the PG of Emonu-Orogun community, the traditional ruler clarified.

Therefore, Hon. Todo Jolly Emonefe was installed on 6th January 2021 as PG of Emonu-Orogun community according to custom and tradition of the community at the palace of Okpara of Emonu, in the presence of Pa. Okposio Okuefe the Okwa-Uku, Oshanene Oruorba the Okwa-Uta, Pa. Umukoro Godwin the Okwa-Uku, Smart Ogheneochuko the Onotu-Uku, Kennedy Okoyen the Onotu-Uku Otuere, Prince Ezekiel Oberhiri, Peter Akpokiniovo the Otota of Emonu-Orogun community respectively.


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