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Meet The New Israeli Prime Minister Who Beat The Longest-Serving PM In Israel



Naftali Bennett. Naftali

On Sunday was a remarkable day for millions of Israelites all over the world as a new government was sworn in twelve (12) years after the rule of Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The now former Prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu was defeated by his former Defence minister and Chief of Staff known as Naftali Bennett. Naftali Bennett narrowly defeated his former boss after a parliamentary vote in the Isreali Senate house.

Naftali Bennett was born on 25th March, 1972 in Haifa whose parents were immigrants in the United States of America. Due to his passion to protect his country, he joined the Isreali army and was appointed as commanders in several top battalions where he led operations against terrorists in Lebanon and other neighbouring countries.

Naftali left the Isreali army and tried to pursue some business activities, he constructed an anti-fraud software company which he ran for many years. Years after investing huge amounts of money in his firms, he decided to join the “politics gang” in 2006. He formed a coalition with the recently defeated Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud party. After many years of serving as the Chief of Staff to Prime minister Benjamin, they got separated in 2019 as a result of political issues.

However, Naftali returned to assure the Isrealis that he was ready to serve as their Prime minister. Another politician known as Yair Lapid started some talks with him and they decided that he would rule till 2023 after which Yair would take over till 2025.

He is happily married to his wife, Gilat Bennett and they are blessed with children.

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A big congratulations to Prime minister Naftali Bennett who has just defeated the longest-serving PM of Isreal.


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