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OPINION: Chief Great Ogboru Has No Point To Prove To Deltans, Still The Only Face Of Opposition In Delta



Chief Great Ogboru

It’s pertinent at this age and time to practically set straight the records for the benefit of the Innocents and the culpable ignoramus. Those who believe defaming others will establish/consolidate their fame among Deltans must have a rethink. Silence is no longer golden at this juncture, thus the gullibles, peanut scramblers and stiffed-neck praise singers need this lecture.

Olorogun Great O. Ogboru remains the only face of opposition as far as Delta State political climate is concern. This fact is a tested hypothesis which over time has remained constant in the history of the State. If the opposition stance of Chief Ogboru is likened to that of Captain Kragha who ran away after Ex-Governor James Ibori’s defeat, the likes of Pius Ewerido, Ovie Omo’Agege, Evance Iwurie, J. Oshevire to mention a few will never have walked into their political eldorado.

However, Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru as a blazing torch-bearer for the opposition in Delta State politics should be treated with absolute respect. A man who walked up the ladder of success through hardwork, commitment, diligence, focus, loyalty, determination and deep courage… at a time when most of the so-called political know-it-all are still battling with 1.00 CGPA at the University. At a very young and youthful age of 25, he was already an established international business man with track records of his philanthropic work.

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Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia;

“In 1983, Ogboru left paid employment and started his own business. Banking on a rare sense of honesty, personal integrity and immense goodwill, he established Fiogret Limited, a frozen fish trading company. Operating on the twin concepts of “Customer Satisfaction” and “Delivering a Standard of Living”, Fiogret grew into a global octopus fishing conglomerate with fishing licenses around the world. Within three years, Great Ogboru, then just about Twenty-Five years of age, established amongst others, the following successful subsidiaries of Fiogret Limited in quick succession:

*Grato Nigeria Limited, Warri, a foremost furniture production company which won a National Award for Excellence in 1987;

*GLE Finance Limited, a finance company with bureau de change operations;

*SOFIMAR Fisheries Nigeria Limited, a Joint Venture with the former Union Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) Government of President Mikhail Gorbachev. SOFIMAR was capitalised to the tune of USD5M and had a proposed asset base of USD20M;

*Abraka Rubber Industries Limited;

*Ajalomi Shipping Company Limited;

*Fiogret Fisheries Limited;

*West Coast Publicity Company Limited;

*Fiogret Express Limited, a transport company;

*Ethiope Commercial Bank Limited – one of the first commercial banks licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria under the financial sector deregulation policy of the then Federal Government.
With these businesses, Great Ogboru’s name became registered in global corporate consciousness as arguably Nigeria’s youngest and richest business mogul and billionaire of his time. On August 10, 1989, he took the world stage by storm as the youngest and highest Nigerian donor to the Namibia Solidarity Fund (NSF) in the ancient city of Benin.”

Chief Ogboru venturing into politics was to bring total liberation and judiciously used Delta assets for Deltans nothing more. An established political figure like him has nothing to prove to Deltans his love for them. He has proven it time without number how it can be achieved. Not through desperation for political position by run from pillar to post in the name of winning a political office. The desperate ones among us as we can see from their antecedents will vie for governorship today, move to another party to run for senate and then to another to gun for HoR…this he will never do as a focused and determined individual with Deltans at heart.

Chief Great Ogboru has been seen attending parties and commiserating with Deltans when the need arises not because he wants to score a political point. So using it as an avenue to ridiculously score a point with Deltans will be met with stiff rejection in 2023. Deltans know who’s desperate and will rather stick with the unchanging, focussed Ogboru than a desperado who like fish can’t survive without (politics) water.

Keep your pettiness and desperation to yourself, Deltans remain solidly behind their trusted figure… The People’s General.



Glory Papaglo Igho


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