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Another Bloody Delta PDP Election Victory: God Will Judge You All



It’s very disturbing that no election can be held in Delta state without a bloody outcome.

The PDP, who desperately always wants to win at all cost, would come out to celebrate another victory without giving a hoot about the attendant loss of life.

It’s so disappointing that acquiescent INEC will endorse such bloody election victory while the Nigerian Police would have no one to hold accountable for the alleged day light murder during the election.

Over a by-election to fill a vacuum created by the demise of an Isoko South Constituency one (1) lawmaker in the Delta State House of Assembly, the PDP is again celebrating another victory on the alleged blood of an innocent voter.

This has been the stock in trade of the PDP hegemony in Delta since the new democratic dispensation in 1999. And it is so reprehensible.

As the leader of the party in the state, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa should be ashamed of himself that under his watch, just to conduct a by-election, PDP hired hoodlums/goons can freely work into a polling unit to hijack voting materials, allegedly shooting an innocent voter dead just to have their way.

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As always, Okowa, like all of his predecessors will turn a blind eye on this bestiality, as long as it favours his party candidate. No attempt will be made to investigate the matter and serve justice to the family of the victim.

Funny enough, in the shared blame over this electoral misconduct, an aiding and abetting INEC will, bareface, still declare a winner, obviously the PDP, at the end of the day. For just a by-election.

Again, you just wonder, before the election, the Nigerian Police in Delta had, as always, bragged about being alive to its responsibility to maintain law and order over yet another ill-fated election. How come, alleged PDP hoodlums/goons, not faceless, would invade a voting center, hijack voting materials and cut short an innocent life with the police standing aloof, no arrest or prosecution made, as always.

Delta PDP is synonymous with thuggery and intimidation. Must they win on the blood of the innocent all the time. Of course the challenge is that PDP never feature popular candidates who are in touch with the people, so they struggle to claim victory at all cost.

Seriously, Okowa and Delta PDP must realise Deltans have had it with their bloody elections victories. The blood of those killed or wounded will be on the heads of those leading the party in Delta as they are already jubilating to have won the election by violence again.

What a shameful victory.

Zik Gbemre.
September 13, 2021



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