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I Was Unanimously Voted As Chairman Of CDHR Delta State Branch, Says Giama



Comrade Jonathan Giama, Chairman, CDHR, Delta State branch

By Oguns Sammy (Warri)

The Chairman of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR), Delta State branch, Comrade Jonathan Giama, has said his emergence as the Chairman of the organization in the state was unanimously accepted by the people as he had overwhelming support of the people through voting system based on the Constitution of the body.

Comrade Giama made this known over the weekend when he had a chat with newsmen in his office, in Warri South LGA of the State.

Comrade Giama who spoke based on the rumours making the rounds in some quarters that he is not the authentic Chairman of the body, said, he did not force himself on the people as he was duely elected by Branch Coordinating Committee(BCC) which is sadled with this responsibility.

He therefore advised the general public to disregard any publication whatsoever which claims that he is not the authentic Chairman.

He said: “I was duely elected as the state Chairman of CDHR by the Branch Coordinating Committee (BCC) and l won the election in a landslide victory because l had overwhelming support of the people.”

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Comrade Giama said, there are seven (7) units that make the body in the state, saying out of this, six (6) with three (3) delegates from each unit which amounts to eighteen (18) people and he got seven (17) votes including himself as the Secretary then.

With this, he defeated his contender, Comrade Ufuoma Olotu who had one(1) vote.

He said that with this, he emerged as the winner.

According to him, the election was not hidden, saying a notice informing the members of the group of the election was given to this effect.

According to him, after the election, some persons who want to be relevant in the system wanted to cause trouble.

He alleged that one Barr. Umuko, Harrison Otuala and Edjemudo Kelvin came to the office in Deco Road to attack him at the body’s office secretariat along Deco Road but fortunately for him, he was not around.

They allegedly left message for the secretary for him that if they had seen him, he would have been thrown down from the two storey building and only God knew if he would have survived it.

He added that with this report, he went to report the matter to the Nigeria Police Force, Warri Area Command, and it waded into the matter, saying it is not good for the body which is known for its good works in the society to be seen constituting nuisance im the society.

The Warri Area Command advised that anybody aggrieved should rather go to court to seek redress instead of formenting trouble, adding that up till date, the aggrieved are yet to go to court to seek redress in the court of law.

He said instead of doing this (going to court), they go round to castigate him (Jonathan Giama) that he is not the authentic Chairman of the body that, the public should not have anything to do with him when he is the authentic Chairman of the body.

He added: ” ..l was not around when they came to the office, they left a word for the secretary for me that they wondered how l would have survived when they throw me from the storey building..”.

He stated further that the election which brought him to power was genuine, saying it was conducted by the National Secretary of the body, Comrade Chingbudu from Anambra State who conducted the election which was free, fair and credible.

He said he did not know how the aggrieved got units to conduct their election.

He said the said Osagie who tends to champion their trouble was suspended by his own unit and his suspension was upheld in Edo State and the National Executive Council (NEC) of the body in Abuja.

He said in the constitution of the organization, there are hierarchy of powers or leadership: The National Executive Council (NEC), Branch and Unit, saying these three bodies control the organization, adding in any Annual General Congress, the Exco or Branch and the NEC can convene congress.

He however said, when a decision is to be taken by the body, the President is mandated to convene an Annual General Congress, saying when he fails to do that, once three members of the NEC agree, a congress of the body can be convened and any decision taken is binding on all members of the body.

He said he was surprised to see one Comrade or former Comrade, Peter Ederiese who was expelled along with Barr. Umuko, Israel Joe by National Council (NC) who claimed to the Chairman of CDHR, Warri branch, came to interrupt the election on that day.

Comrade Giama said the expelled persons: Ederiese Peter and cohorts have been allegedly threatening his life for being the Chairman of the body in many ways, saying they boasted to deal with him.

He however said, he has left everything in the hands of the National Executive Council to take the necessary action in this regard.

Adding that one cannot hold the organization to ransome because, it is a registered organization with CAC.

He added that all the decisions come from the national body of the organization.

He said the man fighting him now was formerly in Udu Unit of CDHR that also joined to vote him into power.

He therefore called on the general public to disregard any rumours that claim he is not the authentic Chairman of CDHR in the state, saying he remains the Chairman in the state and working with his Executive and they are doing well to achieve the aims and objectives of the organization in the state.



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