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Anirah Has Changed The Narrative Of Sapele Politics




By Stephanie Ikanone Odiete

The sing-song and political rhythm echoing in the streets and most households in Sapele today, is the shouts “Anirah Again”.

“We have never had it so good nor felt government at the grassroot like we are feeling today. Anirah has completely changed the narrative after emerging as the Member Representing Sapele L.G.A at the Delta State House of Assembly.”

These were the words of Mr Emmanuel Onajero, a PDP faithful during a chat with Sapele Mirror Newspaper.

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According to another PDP faithful, Mrs Roseline Unukavwe, “Accessing some of our political representatives and some leaders before now, has been a tug of war, this is as their gates are usually shut to the public like a prison gate, and when you finally get the opportunity to meet with them after much effort they look at you with so much disgust and disdain, like someone suffering from leprosy, but since the emergence of Chief Felix Anirah as the Member Representing Sapele Constituency at the Delta State House of Assembly, the narrative has changed, as he has continued to run an open door policy, which has informed the reason he is now referred to as Mr ascessible”.

Speaking further she said, the people are clamoring for Chief Felix Anirah to run again, while advising all those who are thinking of aspiring for his political office not to waste their time and effort, because it will be a futile effort at the end of the day.

A leader who spoke with so much satisfaction with the way and manner that Anirah has carried everyone along, from leaders to party faithful and the downtrodden in society, said that he has been in Sapele for more than 50 years but has never seen or witness the love from any House of Assembly member or political leader like Anirah has for the people, he added that Anirah has left an indelible record, while urging other politicians to follow in the footsteps of the House of Assembly member, adding that every good Politician must be generous, compassionate, a patient listener and humble.

“I am supporting Anirah for his second term bid or any position that he is aspiring to”, Mr Edward Okonta a trader said. “Anirah has shown to us that a politician can be nice, humble, generous and kind hearted. Anirah has changed the narrative which says that all politicians are wicked are greedy, I want to implore all those that are vying for one position or the other, or those that are already occupying one position or the other to use it to touch lives and make positive impact rather than grabbing and grabbing without thinking of the masses and larger society”

“We have never had it so good, a serving Councilor who prefers to be anonymous told Sapele Mirror Newspaper that, the humility displayed by Chief Felix Anirah is unprecedented, we need such people in government who can touch lives with the opportunity given to them to serve and not those that are always in the habit of amassing wealth for themselves with the funds made for the public” a leader is a servant and a servant must be ready to serve he added.

“The House of Assembly Member, has since assumption of office paid hospital bills for indigent persons, and also provided educational materials to public schools to facilitate learning, just as he has also organised various sport’s competition, improved the living condition of some person and other related activities.

From sport, entertainment, medical, education, he has continued to touch lives and spread the dividends of democracy to all and sundry.

Reload Anirah Again for effective representation.


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