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2023: Okowa Nor Be Your Mate, Park Well



By Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq

They boasted that their leader had deployed his national political connections to hijack the list of statutory and Adhoc delegates in favour of their unpopular aspirant, Olorogun David Edevbie, yet they won’t allow our amiable governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, to have a sound sleep.

They said that their Harvard University material and international finance worker, Edevbie, will defeat former President Barack Obama and Bill Clinton in any election, anywhere in the world, yet they won’t allow our incoming governor, Rt Hon Sheriff Francis Oborevwori, to go about his daily legitimate activities peacefully.

They said without Chief James Onanefe Ibori, nobody can emerge as the gubernatorial candidate in Delta State under the Peoples Democratic, PDP, and therefore Edevbie will grab PDP Delta Guber ticket; yet they cannot make a sentence without throwing insults and abuses at governor Okowa and Rt Hon Oborevwori.

They went to town with fake news and propaganda that Rt Hon Oborevwori did not see the four walls of a secondary school and university, but they cannot mind their business and concentrate on their empty and collapsed campaign with two deserted campaign offices.

They know that their unscrupulous and rejected aspirant, Edevbie, cannot win Councillorship election within Afiesere Community in Ughelli North, yet they won’t allow the peoples’ incoming governor, Rt Hon Oborevwori to enjoy his massive support and numerous endorsements across the three senatorial districts.

They were the ones who allegedly paid N30 million, to purchase UPU kangaroo endorsement, with the hope that it will guarantee victory at the party guber primary and at the polls in 2023, yet they falsely accused Governor Okowa for their consistent setbacks and massive rejection by party leaders and delegates across the state.

They sponsored a law suit through their agents against Rt Hon Oborevwori over what they alleged as discrepancies in names as regard academic certificates, yet they are daily wailing and gnashing teeth over the foreseeable monumental defeat of David Edevbie at the gubernatorial primary on Wednesday, 25th May.

They arrogantly and ignorantly compared Oborevwori’s names scenario to that of Degi-Eremienyo in Bayelsa case without reading and understanding Supreme Court rulings in two other latest celebrated decisions regarding discrepancies in names. Supreme Court did not follow the decision in PDP v. Degi-Eremienyo, in recent rulings because the facts in the issue are not the same.

Edevbie and his wailing campaign team members and sponsors should carefully and meticulously peruse Supreme Court Judgments in;

(1). DANTIYE v. APC (2021) 18 NWLR (Pt 1808) 381 and

(2). IBEZIM v. ELEBEKE (2022) 4 NWLR (Pt 1819) 1.

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Then go ahead to compare these recent judgments with;

PDP v. DEGI-EREMIENYO (2021) 9 NWLR (Pt. 1781l 274 in respect of Bayelsa State.

Without prejudice, I dare to say that Rt Hon Sheriff Francis Oborevwori will be victorious from the lower Courts to the Highest Court in the land, because the facts speak for itself, res ipsa loquitur.

Any litigation in respect of Oborevwori’s names and academic certificates amounts to waste of financial resources, waste of precious time and exercise in futility. Time shall tell.

Let it be sufficiently known that Governor Okowa is not owing Olorogun David Edevbie any promise to make him or anybody governor in 2023. Therefore, Edevbie’s propagandists and hired professional blackmailers should vent their uncontrollable anger at those who swore on oath to install Edevbie as governor of Delta State in 2023.

As we know it today, Edevbie cannot win councillorship election in Afiesere where he hails from. They know him as an arrogant, disrespectful, selfish, unfriendly and very erratic individual in attitude and character. His stock in trade is to treat poor people with utmost distain and treat them as never do well folks.

Edevbie is not known in Delta State as a serious politician. He is famous for the unscrupulous roles he allegedly played in the looting of Delta State Treasury between 1999 and 2007. He was unable to deploy his wealth of experience and sound educational qualifications to protect the state treasury as Commissioner for Finance under the regime of Chief James Onanefe Ibori.

Edevbie failed woefully to render quality service to the state and to Deltans by allegedly facilitating local and international money laundering which emptied Delta State treasury between 1999 and 2007. His claim of being intelligent is not in doubt but his intelligence had been geared towards the looting of the state treasury. Too bad

Edevbie should be told that Delta State Treasury is not his inheritance and therefore cannot lay claim to it as his personal property. We know his past antecedents as a smart and intelligent unscrupulous technocrat who helped Oligarchs between 1999 and 2007 to steal our common wealth.

Edevbie’s promise to modernize Delta State is a huge joke. The question to ask is; why did Edevbie not give all his modernization ideas to his former boss and political godfather, Chief James Onanefe Ibori, so as to modernise the state between 1999 and 2007? Why did Edevbie refuse to unveil and implement his modernization strategies under Ibori administration?

Instead, Edevbie used his wealth of experience and knowledge of the international banking sector to allegedly facilitate the looting of Delta State Treasury, and subsequently assisted Oligarchs to siphon our money abroad.

Edevbie must of a necessity realise that the era of unscrupulous and smart looting of Delta Treasury is over. Not again in 2023.

Okowa has commenced a progressive developmental plan for the state and his successor, in the person of our incoming governor, Rt Hon Sheriff Francis Oborevwori, will expand the scope of practical development and economic prosperity through advancing Delta with his M.O.R.E Agenda.

Lastly, let it be sufficiently known that Governor Okowa, dwells in the realm of realism and progressive pontifications, not negativism, wailing and gnashing of teeth, as can be seen from Edevbie’s crashed and laughable campaign strategies.

Okowa is a productive leader, a core democrat, a Pan Delta patriot, a political tactician and strategist of no mean repute. His prayer is for the right and competent person to take over the mantle of leadership on May 29, 2023.

Okowa nah your leader, Okowa nor be your mate!

PDP delegates will vote for our excessive local contents incoming governor with uncommon street credibility, Rt Hon Sheriff Francis Oborevwori, JP, the Ukodo of Okpe Kingdom, and God alone will take all the glory.

Dear Delegates, Vote against the looting of Delta Treasury.

Vote for an Incorruptible Pan Delta preferred candidate.

Vote Rt Hon SHERIFF Oborevwori as Delta PDP Guber Candidate on Wednesday, 25th May, 2022.

PDP …Power to the People.

About the writer: Olorogun Dr Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe, is a renowned media and communication strategist. A lawyer and Chairman, Coalition for Media Politics and Governance, CMPG.


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