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Oborevwori: Senator Douye Diri Failed Deltans



It is popularly held that “a coward dies many times before his death”. If this saying must be given some credence, with all honesty, Douye Diri just died one of the many times he is still to die. I feel strong dissatisfaction with His Excellency, Senator Douye Diri, the governor of Bayelsa State, for the blatant expression of cowardice. Why did he submit to cowardice?

God does not err in judgement. He made a perfect choice in Douye Diri to dispense the judgement needed by the people of Delta State to receive the blessings of God without hindrance. God chose him for the task because he is the man with the best credentials to execute it. He was chosen purposely to separate the wheat from the chaff among the PDP governorship aspirants in the state. Alas, he sent back to us both the stones and the grains.

He was trusted by God and man to help the people of Delta state out of the terrifying grip of the mystified, possessed, and sherified masquerade that has just arrived in the political arena in false costumes. He failed to stop the rage.

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Is it true that Douye Diri does not see in the daytime? At least he was not blind when the degified masquerade appeared and chased him into hiding. The crown of heroism he won from the act of demystifying that monster is still shining on his head. Why is it difficult for him to identify and terminate outright a monstrous tormentor similar in form and character to that degified masquerade?

I feel disgusted, thinking of his grin of false teeth. He smiles and laughs but PDP is about to crash into irredeemable disunity. He yielded to the principality that has vowed to ruin the state and throw the carcass back at us. He succumbed to the voice of friendship rather than deliver the people. He bowed to corruption. By giving Francis S.O.O clearance, Douye Diri has sold PDP in Delta State to APC. This is cowardice! This is wickedness!

APC is happy with Senator Douye Diri for unwittingly empowering them to take over power in the state. It was easy to disqualify Sheriff for his dangling string of conflicting names but Diri only dismissed it with a laugh after hearing the lies from his colleague.

The consolation is that the damage done by the always laughing Bayelsa State governor is likely to be redeemed, to the expectation of the people, by the National Working Committee and the Appeal Panel.

A vote for Sheriff is a vote for APC.


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