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Ughelli/Udu Federal Constituency: Tebite Says He Won The Original Election, Faults PDP On Rerun Primaries, As Party Declares Awhinawhi Winner



By Daniel Dafe

Hon. Olorogun (Sir) Taleb Tebite JP has said that he remains the winner of the Peoples Democratic Party primaries for Ughelli/Udu Federal Constituency.

In a letter addressed to the PDP electoral panel for the House of Representatives position in the said Constituency, he said that he is not a part of the rerun primary election slated for today, Monday 30/5/2022.

Adding: “I having won the original election which was peacefully and credibly conducted on the 22/05/2022. A copy of the result is hereto attached to inspire your conviction. The said election was free, fair, transparent and free of any rancour, violence or any other conduct not acceptable to the electioneering process.”

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He continued: “I was not informed of any petition regarding violation of the election process neither was I invited to the appeal panel which purportedly gave a verdict of cancellation of the election I won with a landslide victory.”

“I wish to further State that apart from my firm position of not being a part of the stage-managed re-run being rumoured to have been fixed today, 30/05/2022, I have not even been informed by the Peoples Democratic Party about the planned conduct of the said orchestrated re-run election. This is despite the fact that I am a loyal party member and have never been found wanting against the party or the State,” his letter also read.

Meanwhile rerun results announced by the party said Solomon Awhinawhi won the election conducted today.


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