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OPINION: Tinubu Did Not Make Buhari President



APC was a local regional/tribal party based in Lagos.

Buhari’s CPC was a stronger northern tribal party based up north.

Even when Buhari lost the presidential election, his total votes was several multiples of what APC garnered in the West.

Tinubu backed Ribadu and failed.

Tinubu backed Adeola, but failed.

Tinubu backed Atiku, and also failed.

Buhari’s emergence as APC’s presidential candidate, gave the party a wider acceptability and stronger platform nationwide.

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Buhari’s acceptance brought in the 12m votes. Tinubu could not get a reasonable percentage of votes from his stronghold as Contribution to the overall winning votes.

Even in Lagos the stronghold of APC, the party defeated PDP by less than 100,000 votes!!!

Buhari is the person that should be boastful, not Tinubu…”

—- Soji Adenuga


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