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Amidst Crisis, Mosogar Kingdom Crowns Okpurhe As Monarch



Amidst Crisis, Mosogar Kingdom Crowns Okpurhe As Monarch

By Ovie Bethel & Fidelis Eyenor

On Friday marked a new beginning in the traditional affairs of the great people of Mosogar Kingdom, as HRM Sunday Odogu Okpurhe “Uduaka 1” was crowned as the second Monarch in history to have ascended the throne of Mosogar Kingdom, since its creation in 2006 by the then administration of His Excellency Chief James Onanefe Ibori (Former Governor of Delta State).

The coronation which was performed by the “Okaorho” oldest man in Mosogar Kingdom,Chief Samson Sunday Ogbakpah at the Oguedion Council of Chiefs and Elders’ Hall, Mosogar Town, Ethiope West LGA,Delta State, signified continuity in the administration of the kingdom after the throne was made vacant due to the passing on to the great beyond of HRM Samson Okirhioboh Imoyi Omene (Udurhie 1) last year.

The ceremony witnessed the attendance of various reputable Chiefs,elders, Eghweya, Ighele,and key stakeholders.

Being a Kingdom destined for uncommon peace,growth and development among her contemporary,the determination of every illustrious and patriotic sons and daughters in moving forward speak volumes in the successes recorded in the history of Mosogar Kingdom, today Friday 5th August,2022.

HRM Sunday Odogu Okpurhe (Uduaka 1),Ovie of Mosogar Kingdom is a graduate of University of Lagos, B.Sc Sociology, who worked and retired as Asst. Comptroller- General of Customs and excise in Nigeria.

Principal Chiefs in attendance are ; Chief Samson Sunday Ogbakpah (Okaorho), Chief Sen. Ighoyota Amori JP (Otota of Mosogar Kingdom), Chief Abel Ogbakpah (Unuevworo of Mosogar Kingdom),Chief Emmanuel Ogbakpah (Senior Inohwa of Uduaka),Chief Freeborn Nana (Senior Inohwa of Udurhie),Chief Akpeni Daniel Edafeghara,Chief Vincent Okporua,Chief Oghenedoro America,Chief Glory Efemini and Chief Ediga Oyibo.

Others are Chief Chris Onogba,Chief Wellington Monday Oyibo,Chief Silver Anuwa(Secretary to Ovie-In-Council),Chief Anthony Irevwi( Secretary to Oguedion “Uduaka”),Chief Bernard Abinoko (Assistant Secretary Ovie-In-Council),Chief Omonigho Ojoko (Secretary to Oguedion Udurhie),Chief Peter Avwojekpaye,Chief Francise Epetuku,Chief Dr Agboma Anthony,Chief Moses Umujakporue (“Ojada” Chief Priest of Mosogar Kingdom),Chief Solomon Obareki JP,Chief Ejiro Obayendo and many others.

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Inotu are; Onotu Friday Edokpolor,Onotu Police Okpoji,Onotu Freeborn Wasami,Onotu Smart Efemini,Onotu Akaba Idede,Onotu Peter Emebradu,Onotu peter Oyabugbe,Onotu Monday Emakuneyi,Onotu Omene Daniel.

Ewhaya representatives are; Mrs Grace Idesegba,Mrs Elizabeth Nana and Mrs Yaki Eyenor.

Ighele (Youths) Representatives are; Comr Oki Ebeigbe (Youth President),Comr. Godwin Ogberahwe (Youth Vice President),Mr Alex Ajo (PRO).

This may not be the last on this issue as a court case has been instituted by certain leaders in the community who say that Amori is involved in this illegality.

Recall that Oasis Magazine reported that the traditional council of chiefs in Mosogar Kingdom, Delta State, otherwise known as the Oguedion, headed by Chief Jacob Pauley Ojariekre, Ugo of Mosogar, on the 28th of July, 2022 suspended the Ovie-elect, Chief Sunny Okpurhe Odogu, Chief Ighoyota Amori and several others.

The suspension was on the grounds of causing disunity and chaos by bringing in armed military men and police men into the Oguedion to harass and intimidate chiefs especially from the Udurhie Ruling house.

At the time of this report, Oasis Magazine was unable to get the reaction of Chief Joseph Omene and a few others to the development.


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