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Mosogar Council Of Chiefs Suspend Ovie-Elect, Amori, Others



Mosogar Council Of Chiefs Suspend Ovie-Elect, Amori, Others

The traditional council of chiefs in Mosogar Kingdom, Delta State, otherwise known as the Oguedion, headed by Chief Jacob Pauley Ojariekre, Ugo of Mosogar, today, 28th July, 2022 suspended the Ovie-elect, Chief Sunny Okpurhe Odogu, Chief Ighoyota Amori and several others.

The suspension was on the grounds of causing disunity and chaos by bringing in armed military men and police men into the Oguedion to harass and intimidate chiefs especially from the Udurhie Ruling house.

Chief Jacob Pauley who in a press conference with journalists, said that Chief Okpurhe, Amori and his allies brought in the military to intimidate him (the Ugo) simply because he asked Chief Amori and Chief Sunny Okpurhe to account for the expenditures for the burial of the late king as chairman of burial committee and financial committee respectively.

The Ugo also stated that its only best that the duo come to the Council of Chiefs to brief them on how much was realised from the government, private companies, individual and families during the burial and how much was spent for the burial of the late king so as to avoid speculations and side talks, saying that unfortunately, such requests did not go down well with Chief Amori and his partner, Chief Okpurhe.

This, the Ugo, said was the reason Chief Amori hurriedly declared his partner, Chief Okpurhe as Ovie-elect and at the same time brought in the military to harrass and intimidate the chiefs from rasing the issues relating to the expenditure of the burial of the late king.

Chief Pauley who was visibly angered by the intimidation from Chief Amori, Chief Okpurhe and their cohorts alongside the military and the Nigeria police, thereby placed a suspension on those behind what he described as gross misconduct and intimidation.

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He gave the names of chiefs that were suspended by him as Ugo of Mosogar Kingdom as: Chief Ighoyota Amori, Chief Sunny Okpurhe Odogu, Chief Abel Aladin Ogbakpa, Chief Chris Onogba, Chief Freeborn Nana, Chief Oghenedoro America, Chief Glory Efemini, Chief Ejiro Nashemi, Chief Tony Irevwi, Chief Silva Anuwa, Chief Godspower Eyurhe and Chief Friday Emejere.

Meanwhile, Chief Paulay however adviced the general public to disregard the rumor that he and others have been suspended by the Council of Chiefs.

Adding that he as the Ugo of the Kingdom has the legal right to suspend and bring back any chief that is on suspension.


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