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Keke Rider Absconds With Two Children After Picking Them From School In Warri



Keke Rider Absconds With Two Children After Picking Them From School In Warri

By Daniel Dafe

A rights activist in Delta State, Comrade Israel Joe, has said that they are on the trail of a tricycle rider whose whereabouts are unknown after he absconded with two children he picks to and from school daily in Warri.

In a statement on Thursday, he said: “A report came to me yesterday about a keke man who we are trailing right now. He was trusted and has been the one carrying the two children of a lady to school. He picked them from school about three days ago and as we speak, the children disappeared and his phones have been off.”

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Joe added: “He has relocated from the house he stays and no one knows anything about his whereabouts but we are close to getting him. Don’t trust your keke man please. Our prayer is that he shouldn’t have sold the children for rituals as children are of high demands by politicians for sacrifice.”

According to him, “people get missing in the society daily and we can’t afford to be careless pretending that all is well.”

“How busy can you be not taking your children to school by yourself? Do everything possible to handle your children all by yourself this period as no one is to be trusted. Those of you who do not have cars should as well try your possible best except in an unavoidable situation follow your children to school with public means,” he said.

He continued: “Our security is highly short of man power, they try their possible best, to work day in day out but prevention they say is better than cure.”

Furthermore, he urged everyone to stay safe during this period of election.

In his words: “If you’re in town, be around your neighbourhood or vicinity if you must go out. If you’re a bit far from your house and it’s already late, make plans to sleep around where you are and stop late night movements.”

Continuing, he said: “Too much partying, hanging out late and staying out in bars at night should be avoided by all means. There are some clean guys we see during the day who masquerade as yahoo yahoo but are kidnappers and armed robbers at night. They pretend to be into genuine hustle but are actually dangerous fellows.”

“Also, this is election watch- night (year before election) which carries along with it, the burden of rituals and countless evils as politicians’ quest to cling to power increase. They want to do anything including sacrificing human beings to gain power so we must all be careful including my humble self Joe, who is right now giving this advise,” he added.


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