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Re: Delta 2023: How Ogboru’s Shameful, Corrupt Alliance With Okowa Will Fail



Re: Delta 2023: How Ogboru's Shameful, Corrupt Alliance With Okowa Will Fail

Right of Reply-

I didn’t want to dignify Martins Aruverie with any form of response, but for calls from well meaning citizens and supporters who trust that truths and facts when presented would always trump fables and delusions, I decided to make the following clarifications.

Ogboru has not spoken to the press in the last 8 weeks and didn’t authorise any publication about his personal views.

The campaign Council of Ogboru is to be inaugurated this week and his blue prints for governance will be unveiled, so there are no distractions.

It’s worthy, however, of note, that the chief beneficiary of Ogboru’s political efforts and struggles is Omoagege and that did not come from women and alcohol as naively insinuated by Martins Aruviere.

Moreover, Ogboru does not need to abuse anyone to make his point. Having challenged the theft of his mandate up to the supreme Court severally as required by law, the role of Ogboru as a candidate was fulfilled. Ogboru has over the years separated himself from the hate speeches, falsehood and misrepresentation of issues. Hence he maintains a respectable and cordial relationship with his opponents. He has refrained from making enemies by responsible and matured public utterances. Trying to destroy others through lies and deceit to climb is foolhardy at best, and nobody would associate Ogboru with that.

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Let me add here that, to say Ogboru is incorruptible and cannot be bribed by anybody is stating the obvious. The people of Delta are not deceived. Therefore, it’s the height of stupidity for anyone to suggest that Ogboru would be an errand boy to anyone here in Nigeria or anywhere for that matter. When and if Ogboru wants an alliance it will be made public. The candidate of nocturnal deals is well known to the people of Delta state, make no mistakes about it. Ogboru is urbane, he would not give the credit of APC to PDP or of Peter to Paul, the trade mark of the man you represent.

Martin Aruviere had done similar things by churning out lying, misleading and very irresponsible articles in the past and was placed where he belongs by our media team so am unwilling to be drawn into any fresh media war except he continues with his ill advised tendencies.

Nevertheless, it’s relevant to EMPHASIZE here that Omoagege has no votes that Ogboru will divide. The rerun elections in 2010 and general elections of 2011 results are veritable benchmarks to make this statement. The votes of the Ogboru political family made Omoagege senator twice. Those votes reside where they are, the credible opposition to PDP and the Ogboru political family. 2023 election without the toxic votes from the rivers will make an indelible statement as to who has the votes in Delta State.

In conclusion, I would advise Martins Aruviere to commit himself to dwelling on facts and issues when writing so that the people of Delta state who are, in deed the jury in all these matters would be kind in their verdict on him. He should not, in the guise of politics and desperation to sell a very BAD and DANGEROUS product destroy the relatively good name of his forebears.

Signed: Comrade Justin Okpu. For ( Sunshine Media Team)


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