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Police To Visit 1,000 Homes In Crackdown On Illegal Premier League Streaming



Fear In Osun Over Arrest Of Notorious Criminal

Police will visit 1,000 homes in the coming week to warn fans that they could face prosecution if they continue to watch Premier League matches on illegal streams.

The authorities are working with anti-piracy investigators from Federation Copyright Theft (FACT) in ‘Operation Raider’ to track individuals who have been watching games in England and across Europe illegally via modified boxes or fire sticks, as reported by The Mirror.

They are taking matters into their own hands and will knock on doors to warn people about the potential consequences.

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The targeted individuals could be served with notices and will be told to stop using the streams immediately.

The streams have also been used to watch other sports and movies, which the police are clamping down on.

They believe illegal streaming sites can be linked with organised crime gangs, with advertising on the web generating funds.


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