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Biafra Groups Order Unknown Gunmen Out Of S’East, Appoint New Leader



Biafra Groups Order Unknown Gunmen Out Of S’East, Appoint New Leader

The various pro Biafra groups have risen from a security meeting in Aba, Abia State, declaring war on the unknown gunmen who have continued to cause mayhem and killings in the South East.

They announced the appointment of Bro Ndubuisi Igwekani aka Agu Biafra as their leader stressing that “all the leaders and the coordinators here have agreed to work on the vision and position of the leaders of Elder’s council of indigenous people of Biafra.

“We the youth wing agree that from today, we have nominated Ndubuisi Igwekani Agu Biafra to lead us in defending our land and freedom of our people. We hereby agree that whatever position or action taken by the new leader will be accepted and backed by all.”

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They also demanded the Federal Government to obey court order and release IPOB leader Mazi Nnnamdi Kanu.

Biafra groups represented at the meeting include MASSOB-BRM, IFM, ISC, IPOB Youth Wing, Igbo Hunters, CNMEJ and Ndi Igbo Lion Security Network.

In a statement issued after the meeting the group reached a conclusion that insecurity in the South East of Nigeria is politically sponsored and motivated to make South East look insecure and scare people from voting for Peter obi.

Signed by Major Godfrey Ukwuike, Publicity Secretary, Biafra Defenders, the group vowed to fight back against the evil plot; “it can’t work we must do all we can do to provide security during election.

“We warn all the Igbo Politicians currently sabotaging the efforts of Nigerian youths to take back the country to retrace their steps, and support the efforts of the youths.

“Failing to do so, we will rise and hold them responsible if Peter Obi fails to win this election.

“There is nothing called unknown gunmen. This development is strange to us. Our enemies are doing everything possible to make us believe that lgbos are their own enemy which is not true.

“Before the coming of the APC government, there was nothing like unknown gunmen. We only had security challenges like armed robbery, kidnapping, rituals, Fulani herdsmen and Boko Harran activities in the North and Biafran struggle in Eastern Nigeria which was peaceful before the provocations by the Nigerian Security Agencies by attacking Onyendu Nnamdi Kanu family house – kidnapping him from Kenya to Nigeria and refusing to release him despite court order.

“We call on Igbo Traditional rulers and our spiritual leaders to rise and rescue Igbo Nation. We are not happy with the political manipulation of the South East governors who have hijacked Ohaneze Ndi Igbo from the people.

“We urge the governors to hands off from Ohaneze and allow the leadership and Imeobi to organize election according to the Constitution. Enough of this political manipulation.

“We use this media to call all lovers of freedom, both home and abroad to give Nigerian youths and genuine Nigerian politicians last opportunity to recover this country and reposition it from consumption to production by supporting Peter Obi’s Presidential ambition.

“All Igbo sons and daughter should support and work towards successful election in all Biafran land so that at the end nobody will blame us for the failure of the Federal Government of Nigeria to conduct free and fair elections.

“We agreed that there must be election in all Biafran land this year. We warn and caution anyone or group planning any evil action against the coming election to go elsewhere not in Biafra land.

“We warn all the criminals in Biafra land to relocate and move out of Biafra land we giving them 20th February to leave of have us to contend with

“We promise to provide enough security of our men and to make sure our men are all over Biafra land to protect our people who would want to partake in the election.


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