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Okpe Council Chairman, Esiovwa, Plays Host To Okpe Union In Osubi




…Aboze Tasks People Of Okpe To Promote Peaceful Coexistence

By Matthew Obukohwo Obriki

The Okpe Union’s visit to Chairman Isaiah Esiovwa, of the Okpe LGC, at his country home in Osubi today was a resounding triumph.

Honoured guests, they experienced extraordinary hospitality that exemplifies Esiovwa’s unwavering commitment to making everyone feel welcomed and valued.

His magnanimous spirit was on full display, leaving no doubt that he is a man of exceptional affability.

The level of warmth and kindness extended to the Union members during their visit was unparalleled, lending credence to Esiovwa’s reputation as a true host with an unwavering dedication to his constituency. The success of this visit further solidifies Esiovwa’s standing as a noteworthy leader who consistently exceeds expectations in extending graciousness and hospitality.

The Okpe Local Government Council Chairman, Hon (Sir) Isaiah Esiovwa JP, in company of Okakuro Hon Bernard Awesiri Jagboro, Hon Daniel Akpo Erumeji, the Supervisor Councillor of Finance to the Executive Chairman of Okpe Local Government Council, Hon James Fada, other Okpe prominent leaders, on Saturday, received Okpe Union led by Chief Joseph Aboze, in Osubi, his country home in Okpe Local Government Area; who was recently inaugurated as the President-General of Okpe Union alongside his executive members, branch presidents, chairmen and some bot members.

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In attendance at the meeting were the Okakuro Robert Onome, ex-President-General and BOT member of Okpe Union, Okakuro King Iriri (National Publicity Secretary), Okakuro Senior Adibor, Mr Joseph Uruejuomah (Auditor), Mr Robinson Abegbe (Financial Secretary), Mr Kingsley Akpaka ( Treasurer), Hon Kenneth Afure ( Okpe LGA president), Comr Etu Augustine Ekugbe, among others.

The Union members arrived promptly at the chairman’s residence a few minutes past 11am, proceeding immediately into a closed-door meeting with their host, Hon Isaiah Esiovwa. The meeting concluded around 1pm, during which Hon Isaiah Esiovwa expressed his unwavering support for the current administration and his commitment to remain in the Union under the leadership of Okakuro Joseph Aboze JP.

Chief Joseph Aboze JP, the President-General of Okpe Union, gratefully acknowledged Hon Isaiah Esiovwa JP, the Executive Chairman of Okpe Local Government Council, for his prompt response to their request for a courtesy call despite his busy schedule. Chief Aboze urges the people of the area to embrace peace, unity, tolerance, and forgiveness for the continuous development of the kingdom.

He calls upon the youth to embrace the administration’s youth-friendly policies and abandon social vices. The Okpe Union plans to organize programs addressing critical sectoral areas such as agriculture, networking, etiquette, and financing options for businesses.

Okakuro Robert Onome JP, former President-General and BOT member of Okpe Union, commends Hon Isaiah Esiovwa JP for his leadership and calls for collaboration among leaders, stakeholders, institutions, and corporate bodies in the kingdom for growth and development.



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