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Delta AG Advocates For Shift To Recorded Evidence In Courts



Delta AG Advocates For Shift To Recorded Evidence In CourtsDelta AG Advocates For Shift To Recorded Evidence In Courts

By Onoriode Etatsemi

Delta State Honourable Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Ekemejero Ohwovoriole, SAN, has called for a transformative shift from written statements of evidence to video recorded evidence in courts for Criminal proceedings.

He made this appeal during a courtesy visit to the Delta State Police Commissioner, C.P. Abaniwonda Olufemi, in Asaba.

Ohwovoriole highlighted the limitations of written statements, pointing out that they can be altered or denied, complicating judicial processes.

“Video Recorded evidence is not only more reliable but also easier to verify,”

“Developed countries have embraced recorded evidence due to its credibility, and it is time for us to follow suit.” he asserted.

The Attorney-General’s visit aimed to share the Ministry of Justice’s vision for improving justice delivery in the state.

He emphasized the existence of the Delta State Administration of Criminal Justice Law mandating the use of technology in legal procedures, a move intended to enhance transparency and efficiency.

He pointed out that “As part of this technological integration, the state government plans to establish an interview room. The interview room will serve to protect both the police and the citizens,”

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Ohwovoriole explained.that this facility will ensure that interrogations are conducted in a secure and transparent environment, reducing the potential for misconduct.

Speaking on the enforcement of the ban on commercial motorcycles, commonly known as okadas, Ohwovoriole reminded the police of their legal authority to confiscate any okada and arrest violators.

He stressed the importance of adhering to legal procedures and ensuring fair hearings for those accused.

The Attorney-General announced the forthcoming introduction of mobile courts to expedite the trial process for offenders.

“The mobile courts will provide a platform for quick and fair trials, ensuring that justice is both swift and just,” he said.

Ohwovoriole also emphasized the need for legal backing to support police enforcement actions, reiterating that offenders should be prosecuted irrespective of how long it takes to complete the trial.

Responding, the Commissioner of Police Mr Olufemi expressed gratitude for the Attorney-General’s visit, describing it as a positive development for law enforcement in the state.

He highlighted the issue of small arms proliferation, particularly in Warri and Ughelli axis of the State, as a significant concern.

“The rise in small arms poses a serious threat, and we need collective efforts to regulate their possession,” he stated.

The meeting between the Delta State Ministry of Justice and the police underscored a shared commitment in adopting modern practices to strengthen the legal system and ensure effective justice delivery.


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