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Now That Benjamin Essien Has Resigned From The APC: A Warning Sign And A Calculated Move?



Now That Benjamin Essien Has Resigned From The APC: A Warning Sign And A Calculated Move?

The resignation of Hon. (Dr) Benjamin Okiemute Essien from the All Progressives Congress (APC) carries significant weight, particularly at the grassroots level in Isoko, Delta State, and beyond. His departure is likely to spark a wave of defections among his loyal followers, potentially dealing a blow to the party’s standing in the region and nationally.

While Essien’s official statement cites the party’s inability to recognize its founding members, his resignation reveals a deeper malaise within the APC. His frustration echoes a growing feeling among party members at the grassroots who feel neglected and undervalued. This perceived neglect stems from a lack of internal democracy within the party, where long-standing members, like Essien, are sidelined or overlooked.

Beyond internal issues, Essien’s decision could also be fuelled by disillusionment with the APC’s performance in government. He may feel the party has failed to fulfill its promises to the people or adequately address critical issues. Furthermore, a stronger opposition like the PDP (People’s Democratic Party), which currently holds power in Delta State, could be enticing him to switch allegiances. This move could open doors for him to potentially gain a more prominent role within the ruling party, given his strong support base in Isoko.

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Essien’s departure is not just a personal decision; it’s a warning sign for the APC, highlighting the party’s struggle to retain key members and manage internal dissatisfaction. However, it also suggests a calculated move by Essien, seeking a more favourable political landscape to advance his personal and political ambitions. By joining the ruling PDP, he may be positioning himself for future leadership roles and increased influence, potentially even within the Delta State government.

While the APC needs to re-evaluate its internal structures, prioritize grassroots members, and ensure that their efforts and contributions are acknowledged and rewarded, Essien’s decision also underscores the fluidity of political alliances and the ever-present desire for individuals to secure their political future. His move toward the PDP, a party with established power in Delta state, speaks volumes about his strategic thinking and pursuit of higher political aspirations.

Sir Divramredje Lawrence Efeturi, KSJI,
Writes from Isoko North, Delta State.


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