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240 Youths To Benefit From Skill Acquisition Programme Organised By UPU Youthwing



By Daniel Dafe
At least, a total of 240 Urhobo youths will benefit from the skills acquisition programme put together by the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), Youthwing, Worldwide.
The National President of the group which is the umbrella body for all Urhobo youths, Comrade Efemena Umukoro, made this disclosure while fielding questions from journalists recently on the said project.
According to him, the programme is in line with the functions of UPU Youthwing which is to advocate, protect and provide for Urhobo people when the need arises, adding that they came up with the arrangement as a legacy project.
He said: “We are making use of our personal income now and not getting money from anywhere,” but added that they are open to partnership with any NGO, individual or group.
“20 youths, both male and female will be trained in any skill they which to learn. We will select just 20 persons to start with and fix them in any training center closest to them and ensure that we monitor them to ensure that they are learning the job and at the end of the day we can come up with a little starter pack for them. As time goes on, we hope that God will touch spirited individuals so that they can key into this project.
“The plan is to make 240 Urhobo youths professionals before the end of 2021.”
Furthermore, he said that they were pushed to carry out the task because it will go a long way to reduce crime and criminality in the environment, noting that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.
“We do not want our young men involved in crime. Same goes for the females who we do not want to be involved in prostitution and all that.
“My excos and team are putting this together.”
“The plan is that after these ones are trained, we can push others to them to train also. So that even when I am no more the president, I would have left a legacy and I will be proud anywhere I am that when I was UPU Youthwing president I brought this vision and it still exists.
“Some entrepreneurs have been calling already saying they want to support by providing training centers for some persons. People like the owner of Soft Touch Clothings in Warri have indicated interest,” he said.
“It is no more what Urhobo can give to us but what we can give to Urhobo. It is when we start sacrificing that we will see Urhobo move forward.”
He continued: “At least 5 Million Naira has been budgeted for this. I am appealing to spirited individuals, NDDC, DESOPADEC, Urhobos in Diaspora and the Delta State Government to key into the project.
“We have solely carried out many projects previously, but we hope to get partners this time around. But even if we don’t, we are still going ahead.
I am very good in talking but ashamed to ask.”
To those that will be selected, he urged them not to come with the mindset to collect money, as he warned that they are not to sell their starter packs when they eventually get it.
“Many do not see the importance in these things. I started painting at age 10. I can paint without a drop of paint on the floor. I can fall back to painting today if I wish. I am also good in computer training. So, skills acquisition is the reason for this programme.”
Umukoro commended the PG, UPU, Worldwide, Chief Joe Omene for the opportunity given to him to serve, saying that Chief Omene has given the youth body all the support they need to succeed.


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