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Bolowou Palace Invasion: More Trouble For Ajube, As VictimReveals Video Clip Evidence



Chief Bibopre Ajube

By Wilson Macaulay
There is no hiding place for Chief Bibopre Ajube and his boys over the Bolowou Palace invasion, as well as abduction of 17 persons qto an unknown destination as one of the victims, Mr. Akhikoromowei Jemine released a video clip evidence of how he was beaten and wounded by Shoot At Sight and his gang at Bolowou Palace on June 24, 2020.
In the video, Mr. Akhikoromowei Jemine whose head was brutally injured, said Ajube and his gangsters with soldiers attacked the palace of King of Zion with dangerous instruments, such as cutlasses, battle axes, sticks and irons, thereby molested them including the wife of the king, Queen Mother Ebiere Jemine among others.
The victim, said in his words: “My name is Akhikoromowei Jemine. I was one of the unfortunate persons who wrre in the palace of the king of Zion as at the time Mr Bibopre Ajube and his gangsters came to invade the palace.
My head was brutally injured by Ajube boys with cutlass and iron. On that fateful day, Ajube and his boys were accompanied by some soldiers came to the palace of the King of Zion with several tools ranging from cutlasses, axes, sticks and irons.
“They surrendered the entire compound with one of the soldiers firing gunshot sporadically into the air. Thereafter, They broke into the palace, beating up everyone who was at the palace at that moment mercilessly. They equally destroyed valuable properties that worth millions of naira in the palace.
“Even the wife of the king of Zion, Queen Ebiere Epistle Jemine was not spared in the attack. As she was as well dealt with by Ajube’s boys, and then handcuffed to one of the victims before she was later set free.”
Speaking further, Mr Jemine stated that after Ajube and his boys finished operations, they whisked away a total of 17 persons, who were in the palace with him to an unknown destination.
“As l speak, we have not seen neither heard from the King of Zion since the incident occurred. The whereabout of our king and 17 others is unknown at the moment.
“Due to the incident, majority of our men are scared and fled away from the community to neighboring villages for safety.
“Presently, l am the only man remaining in the community, alongside some elders, women, children and some gallant men that are stationed in the community to keep watch by Mr Ajube.”
However, Mr. Jemine is calling on the Federal Government, DSS, the Police and other security agents to quickly intervene un the matter, stressing that they are no longer safe in their community due to the nefarious activities of Mr Ajube and his gang.


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