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APC Crisis Deepens In Ethiope West LGA



Hon Josiah Akporkighe addressing supporters of Delta State APC Woman Leader in one of their meetings in Boboruku Jesse (Idjerhe), in Ethiope West Local Government Area, Delta State

By Oguns Sammy
As an indigene of Boboruku Community, which is close to Oyonbru, a subclan in ldjerhe Kingdom in Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State, l am privileged to learn of the crisis which has been rocking the All Progressives Congress (APC) as a party in the local government area.

This spurred me into investigation of what is actually happening.

Investigation revealed that there has been crisis in Ward 6 in the local government area. It became clear that some exco members were given plain document to sign in the guise of giving them empowerment and it was allegedly orchestrated by some people who are said to be loyal to Hon Halims Ago to remove the state woman leader of APC, Dr Mrs Janet Oyubu and put his ( Hon Halims’ ) sister who is of the same mother and father and comes from Ward 4 in her ( Dr Janet Oyubu’s) stead.

The stakeholders of APC at ward 6 said they are not aware of the suspension of the woman leader neither they held a meeting to remove her from office.

It was gathered that the executuve members were cajoled and brain-washed into signing the document which was purported to have been used to remove her.

In an interview with some of the members and stakeholders of Ward 6 in both communities of Boboruku and Oyonbru, they said they have not held any meeting to remove the state woman leader from office, saying this was a manipulation by some persons who are hell bent on removing her from office.

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The Chairman, Elder and Leaders Forum, Hon Josaih Akporkighe, said it was a rude shock for them to hear a rumour that the state woman leader has been removed from office which he said it is not true, adding that some of the exco members that signed the said document were cajoled and brain-washed to put their signatures on a document which they cannot defend individually when called upon.

He said; “We leant that our excos have been brainwashed and made to put their signatures on a document they cannot stand to defend when cross examined individually and we say no to that.”

Hon Akporkighe, a one time councillor aspirant of the ward, alleged that a younger brother of Hon Halims’ Agoda named Save Agoda, has personalised APC property as the family right by threatening his life and that of stakeholders of the ward for standing on the part of justice, legality and truth and the purported plan against the woman leader, saying that Mr Save Agoda would chase them from the communities that make up Idjerhe kingdom.

He also alleged that William Deniran, Hon Halims’ Agoda’s sole nominee Chairman also called him (Hon Josiah Akporkighe) and other stakeholders and a cross section of excos that he (William Deniran) would chase them as well. He added that he (Save Agoda) said he has the police at his disposal to intimidate and actualise their plan, saying they (Save Agoda and William Deniran) derive their power from DSP Senator Ovie Omo Agege and Hon Halims Agoda.

Investigation revealed that many of the people in Ward 6 like the woman leader because she has helped and still helping them till date in terms of empowerment and general financial support. The people said anybody planning to remove her to stop it as they are not ready to accept anybody in her place.

According to the Assistant Youth Leader of Ward 6, Mr Agbagu Frank, it came as a surprise to them to hear that their amiable Delta State Woman Leader of APC, Dr Mrs Janet Oyubu, was suspended from office which they never agreed upon, adding that Dr. Mrs Janet Oyubu remains the state woman leader and nobody can remove her from office.

From investigation, it shows the woman leader even helped Hon. Halims Agoda during his electioneering campaigns just as she helped the party in Ethiope West at large in different ways. Many now ask what offence has she committed to warrant her removal?

Yet, another person from the community who was also accosted and spoke is Mr. Saniyo Andrew. who is not from APC said, Dr Mrs Janet Oyubu has been working with the party APC for a very long time, adding that she has used her wealth of experience to aide the growth and development of the party and the community in all ramifications and therefore possesses the necessary qualities to continue to pilot the affairs of the party as a state woman leader.

He advised all and sundry to ignore the rumour of her suspension as she remains the woman leader in the state.

On his part, another respondent and member of ward 6, Mr Chidi Akpoyomare said all attempts to remove Dr Mrs Janet Oyubu would be a failure, saying that she has helped in no small measure in the growth and development of the party, the ward, the local government, the state and the country at large with her position.

Many who spoke said the woman leader has empowered them in terms of money and that anytime they have financial challenges they run to her for assistance.

They therefore vowed to continue to support her by praying for her to actualise the dream of the party.

When contacted on the purported petition which was said to have been written and signed by the exco of Ward 6, Dr Mrs Janet Oyubu said she did not receive any letter of suspension just as she did not do anything wrong that would warrant her to be suspended.

She noted that she has done enough for the growth and development of the party, the local government area, Delta State and the country at large with her office.

She said however that she is much aware of the purported plan to remove her illegally, adding that it was being allegedly orchestrated by Hon Halims Agoda who is bent to replace her with his (Hon Halims’ Agoda) sister who is from Ward 4.

She expressed shock that despite all her hard work during the electioneering campaigns of Hon Halims Agoda and the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege and APC as a party when Hon Halims’ Agoda was busy with court cases there was still a gang up against her.

She said Hon Halims Agoda desperately wants to fill the position with his sister, Ms Ana Agoda from Ward 4 which has been his characteristics trait as complained by Idjerhe people. She said Hon Halims Ago also desperately want to commit havoc in the polity of ldjerhe Kingdom.

She added that even the present Chairman of the APC at the local government level, Hon. William Deniran a.k.a Tapper who was allegedly causing the chaos in the local government level was allegedly solely nominated by Hon. Halims’ Agoda, adding that William Deniran was made the Chairman of the LGA because the late Chairman of the LGA came from the same ward 3.

She asked: “Why would Hon Halims’Agoda transfer the right of Ward 6 to ward 4?

She said she is APC state woman leader for the party and all stakeholders and not personal tendency, saying she needs advancement of the party and not these power tussle.

She however said she doesn’t have the power, the influence and financial capacity to fight the Deputy Senate President who vowed that he must remove the majority exco plus Dr Mrs Janet Oyubu whom he (Senattor Omo- Agege) tagged Great Ovedge Ogboru, the Delta State APC flag bearer in the just concluded election and a leader loyalist.

At the time of this piece, Hon Josiah Kpokighe was told by Mr William Deniran and Save Agoda that a warrant of arrest has been issued in Area command against him (Hon Josiah Akporkighe) and other supporters of the APC State woman leader in Idjerhe Kingdom.


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