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ABRAKA: Lady Who Slept In Lover’s Place Heart-broken After Her IPhone Xsmax Was Stolen




An ongoing investigation of stolen phones in I-point Hostel at Campus 4 Road, Abraka, Ethiope East, Delta State, has been reported to Oasis Magazine (OM).

The incident which occurred during the early hours of Wednesday,14th of October spurned an uproar between occupants of the hostel and members of the vigilante group as two phones were reportedly stolen, one being that of a lady (name witheld) who slept over at her lover’s place in the said hostel, a situation that has left her broken and unconsolable.

The phones which were supposedly stolen are an iPhone Xsmax belonging to the visitor and a Tecno Spark owned by an occupant of the hostel.

According to our source who spoke under conditions of anonymity, said an eyewitness claimed to have seen a suspect who was wandering around the vicinity at the odd hour of 2:00am.

Our source continued: “He added that when he accosted the suspect, he claimed to have been trying to get the attention of the occupants of a room to charge his phone.

“However, the eyewitness alerted the occupants of the room as he was not satisfied with the response of the suspect.

“He gave the description of the suspect to be a tall dark guy wearing a face cap.

“On orders of the vigilante group in charge of the area who intervened in the matter, the gateman requested for all occupants of the hostel to remain in the hostel for investigation to unravel if the thief was one of the residents in the hostel.

“Of all occupants of the hostel, only one person fits the description given by the eyewitness and he was thoroughly investigated. However, nothing incriminating was found in his possession.”

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Our source added: “During the course of the investigation, a mop stick which was found at the scene was assumed to be the tool used to carry out the theft through the windows of the rooms.”

Meanwhile, our source opined: “Personally,I feel the thief is in their hostel because our fence is too high for someone to scale through and there are barbed wires…”

Moreover, in the course of the interview, our source disclosed that both phones were called and they rang simultaneously after which they were switched off almost immediately.

“All these happened while all occupants of the hostel were summoned together,” the source revealed.

Meanwhile, further investigations are still ongoing as the eyewitness was taken by the vigilante group for questioning.

However, the owner of the missing Tecno Spark has requested for investigations on her missing phone to be dismissed.


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