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Delta Cleric Calls On James Ibori To Retire From Politics To Avert Disgrace, Says It’s A Prophecy, Not Advice (VIDEO)



Chief James Ibori

By Daniel Dafe
General Overseer of Promise Kingdom Ministry in Sapele, Bishop Godday Iboyi Okokporo, JP, has called on a former Governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori, to retire from politics, saying that failure to do this will result in more embarrassment for the ex-Governor who is considered as the godfather of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state.

The Bishop of the church popularly called Overflow, who spoke during the church’s service on Sunday, said: “Your Excellency, Chief James Onanefe Ibori, you have tried your best as a man; you brought development to your people and to the state. But as I speak to you now, the state is tired of you. So use wisdom to bring your politics and allow the state to move on in the natural way and let the things that will die natural death, die natural death.

“I see people that are not up to your shoes and your slippers molesting you, because they said you cannot be the Father of the state forever. It is better if I am to advise you-retire. If you retire, you have more background, you have more fame, you have more honour than what you see ahead.

“What I am seeing here is starting from December, 2021, January just like that. I see you talking and nobody is taking your counsel. Chief James Ohanefe Ibori, I see you talking and no one is taking your counsel and the moment you start reacting, they see you as a threat and you know they thought they can pay them off or buy them over.

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“Please you are a good man, try to maintain your integrity by letting the lying dog or sleeping dog lie; let it lie naturally, that will make you more popular. Let them be doing things. Anybody that wants to contest, do not interfere. Let the people, the party, choose the candidate by themselves. Those that are worth it that you know, we know, let the masses choose. Do not put anybody for anybody’s head, because that is where the trouble will come from. Do not carry A and say “B take A, he is my candidate.

“I am talking now, you will say who am I to advise you. I am not advising you, it is a prophecy from God. God loves you so much that is why you returned from the U. K. You know how many times they tried to poison you and you escaped, you know how many times. God who did it that you will not die. You have tried for Oghara and your people. So relax now and let politics of Delta State be in God’s hand. God bless you.”

The cleric spoke in both English and Okpe dialect.

Watch video below:


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