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Former Bond Actor, ‎Sean Connery’s Ashes To Be Scattered In Scotland, Bahamas



The late legendary James Bond actor, Sir Sean Connery ashes are to be scattered in Scotland, Bahamas, according to his last wish.

His wife, Micheline Roquebrune, shared that it was the James Bond icon’s ‘final wish’ to have part of his ashes taken to the Bahamas and his homeland, Scotland.

The widow who was married to Sean for 40 years revealed that she plans to hold a memorial service for him near his Scottish home when travel regulations allow it.

She told The Scottish Mail On Sunday, “We are going to bring Sean back to Scotland that was his final wish. He wanted his ashes to be scattered in the Bahamas and also in his homeland.

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“Whenever it is possible and safe to travel again, then it is the family’s intention to return with him. We would like to organise a memorial service for him in Scotland, that is our hope.”

She added that she is unsure when the service will ‘happen exactly.’

Sean had been “ill for some time” before he died in the Bahamas, his son recently revealed. Jason Connery shared the details of his father’s final days during a chat with the BBC.

He said that his dad died peacefully in his sleep surrounded by loved ones. Paying tribute to his film star dad, Jason said his death would be a “sad loss for people around the world.”


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