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Nigerian Soldier Caught On Camera Assaulting, Telling A Driver “I’ll Kill You And Nothing Will Happen”



The video of a Nigerian soldier assaulting and beating up a driver is presently circulating online.

In the said video, the military man is also seen making threats on the man’s life.

The Nigerian military officer could be seen kicking the man off his vehicle, as he proceeded to rain hot slaps and stomping him while he was on the ground.

The soldier who reportedly overtook the man wrongly and scratched his car, could be heard ranting and threatening that he can kill him and nothing will happen.

Several passersby by made frantic efforts to intervene and pacify the army man who appeared determined to continue assaulting the man.

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According to the lady who shared the video online, the man being beaten is her colleague’s driver.

The ugly incident reportedly happened along Kaduna road.

Watch the video below;


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