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Popular Cleric Narrates How He Transfered All His Cash To A Thief At Gunpoint When Trapped At Night In A Lagos Gridlock



By Daniel Dafe
President of Fresh Oil Ministry International, Lagos, Apostle Psalm Okpe, has recounted a bitter experience on Wednesday night with an armed robber who forced him to transfer all the money in his account to him.

According to the cleric, the incidence happened
while he was driving home in Lagos from GRA Ikeja last night.

In a Facebook post, he said: “A journey of less than 5 mins drive to my house took me 4 hours plus. From 7:05pm I started the trip home and got home 11:36pm. Never seen such horror in a long time.

“All of a sudden this guy came and was hitting my glass that I should whine down but I refused and he put the gun on my head asking me to give him money. I had no cash on me I told him. He said do a transfer to his account. Am like what? Then he said “I will do something stupid if you don’t do what I said” He gave me his account number to make a transfer and it was a keystone account. I transferred 10k to him and he said “ no let me see your account balance while his gun was still on my head though my glass was up. I showed him and he said Transfar everything! At that point I was confused because everyone in the traffic saw him robbing me but did nothing. So I transferred the cash to him and he said thank you sir and I am sorry for the stress and work aways.”

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Okpe said he called the police but he was told that they can do nothing about it.

While seeking advice on what to do, he added that he had all the thief’s banking details.

“Is that not enough to use to track him,” he quizzed.

“Am fine he never hurt me but he took all my cash. Pray that he get arrested,” he said.


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