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Text Of Press Briefing By Ralphs Okey Nwosu, (National Chairman ADC), Ag President IPAC



Text of Press Briefing by Ralphs Okey Nwosu, (National Chairman ADC) Ag President Interparty Advisory Council IPAC,this day 25th November, 2020 @ADC Global Campus, Abuja.


All protocols.

Nigeria has for many decades since its independence witnessed sustained instability in her political space as a result of the inability of political leaders and their parties inherent lack of will to build the enduring culture of disciplined, purpose driven and inclusive leadership. The era of anything goes, destructive politics and crass opportunism and impunity which have come to characterize our politics must come to an end.

The roles played by political parties in modern democratic governments can not be overemphasised hence, the resolve by the new leadership of the Inter Party Advisory Council of Nigeria (IPAC) under my watch to bridge the gap and make parties relevant in the restoration of the soul of the Nigerian Nation. As opposed to dictatorships and autocratic forms of governments, our system upholds the tenets of multiparty democracy, and leaders everywhere should ensure that a few agenda-pushing government appointees do not manipulate the processes and land us into a one-party autocracy. I worry that the Independent Electoral Commission INEC may unknowingly be leading the country into that dungeon.
Following the recent agitations across the country, IPAC under the current Central Management Committee CMC will create enabling environment for multiparty practices to thrive and for youths, women and Persons with Disabilities to participate in politics without hindrance.

The resolve to champion this course is borne out of the need to ensure the inclusion of our diverse people, preservation of democratic rule in Nigeria, ensuring transparency and accountability in the Nation’s political culture, and protect the integrity of the Election Management body (INEC) and protect them INEC from self immolation.

This IPAC understands that parties need critical knowledge to increase representation for hitherto marginalized groups such as the Nigerian youths, women and Persons with Disabilities. Parties need tools to navigate or seek amendment of aspects of the Nigerian Constitution which practically inhibit the participation of women, youths and Persons with Disabilities in politics, especially, Sec. 225(a).

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The novel initiatives being embarked on by the Central Management Committee CMC of IPAC, will definitely strengthen internal Party processes with knowledge driven tools. IPAC leadership training and Party development programs will feature the following programs beginning this month.
Course contents will cover Entrenching internal party democracy, INCLUSIVITY, Role-modeling, delivering free, fair and credible elections, and roles INEC should play to stop the drain election tribunals and electoral cases inflict on the nation’s economy and judiciary. Political party finance and audit, Conflict resolution and political party management and control. More specific detailing follows;

1. IPAC leadership training and Party development programs.
Nov/December: leadership Audit and party repositioning for greater youth and women participation.

2. X-ray of Electoral of fences, Elections related Court case, Culpability of INEC, costs to the Nation and implications in governance.

3. Unbundling INEC for effectiveness and election management efficiency.

4. Insights into Party financing and strengthening parties Internal processes.

5. Understanding and Exploring twining, international collaboration.

6. Essential Protocols and Principles for building Coalitions and Collaboration amongst parties. And deepening the democratic and political party processes.
7. Political Parties Annual Summit.
On Thursday 26th November, the First General Assembly involving our national and states leader will begin.
God bless IPAC.
God bless Nigeria.

Ralphs Okey Nwosu
Ag. President IPAC.


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