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Over 99 Percent Of Public Buildings In Nigeria Are Not Accessible To PWDs – CCD



By Matthew Ogune, Abuja

Centre for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) has lamented that more than 99 percent of public buildings in Nigeria are not accessible to citizens with disabilities.

CCD Executive Director, David Anyaele who raised the alarm yesterday in Abuja said members of the community were also lacking
access to healthcare, education, and public infrastructures.

According to Anyaele, CCD was worried about the increasing insecurity in Nigeria, adding that the the recent killing of more than 46 farmers in Borno State is generating more persons with disabilities in the country.

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This he noted that beyond the casualties are those that survived with a disability.

He continued: “The primary responsibility of any government is to ensure the safety of lives and property of its citizens. This would go along way towards reducing incidence of disability in Nigeria.

“Hunger and poverty are increasing day by day in Nigeria. Poverty is a major driver of disability in the country as Nigeria is now known as nation with highest concentration of poor people in the world.

“Line Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) responsible for the implementation of relevant sections of the National Disability Act are not responding to the provisions of the Act. Of concern is the lack of commitment by the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture that is tasked with the responsibility of promoting the rights, respect, and dignity of persons with disabilities and capabilities, achievements as well as contributions of persons with disabilities to the society.

“Federal and States Governments commitments to access to rehabilitation and reintegration services for persons with disabilities to ensure reduction of PWDs beggars in our communities.

“Federal and States Governments commitments to access to healthcare / medical services, inclusive education and poverty alleviation programmes and access to public infrastructures among persons with disabilities.

“State governments yet to adopt the National Disability Act like Abia, Enugu, Rivers, Imo, Oyo, Benue, Delta, Borno, Kaduna, Ogun, Bayelsa, Cross River and Edo States to take speedy measures to pass laws for the protection of rights of persons with disabilities in their States.

“CCD is committed to supporting governments at all level, organisations of persons with disabilities and international agencies to ensure that no one is left behind in governance and development by reason of his or her disabilities. Together we shall create a Nigeria that is free from exclusion of persons with disabilities in development.”


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