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Pull Down Syndrome Against Gbagi, A Waste Of Time



By Ogheneseruo Possible

Politics is not a do or die affair. Politics is a game but should not always lead to the destruction of perceived political opponents or enemies. The way Nigeria politics is played in recent time calls for great concerns. In a situation where people especially those who occupy positions in government want to use their office to witch-hunt perceived enemies is a very serious issue in Nigeria political affairs. Those who are in the corridors of power should play politics in a way that it will not be seen as a dirty game by the society.

This has been the case with some political neophytes who by the recommendation of some eminent personalities in their community were made commissioners in Delta. Some of these persons who are fighting tooth and nail to ensure that a successful and acceptable Governorship candidate of the likes of Gbagi is brought down are supposed to be the political sons and daughters.

What has been playing out in Delta State goes a long way to show that, some who have the minds of contesting the governorship of Delta State are bent on using their positions to pull down a candidate who commenced consultation since 2019. Olorogun Gbagi, a former Minister of State for Education is one name that rings bell positively as far as 2023 governorship election is concerned.

Olorogun Barr. Gbagi is a man of Timber and Calibre. Gbagi as a successful business man has businesses scattered in every nook and cranny of Delta State, Nigeria and the world at large. Gbagi shopping malls in Delta State provide means of livelyhood to a good percentage of Deltans. Apart from this, Gbagi has other industries in Delta State and Nigeria which provide jobs for Deltans, people from other parts of the country and foreigners as well.

To say that Gbagi is a stainless and unblemish man is an understatement. As a former Minister of State for Education who established numerous tertiary institutions in the country, he left with clean records. If some of those occupying political positions today were to be in the shoes of Olorogun Gbagi, they will not hesitate to crush anyone who crosses their parts. This man Gbagi is not depriving anyone who wants to contest from joining the race. The people believe in Gbagi because of his past, present records and what they feel he can do if giving the mandate.

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Gbagi did not use his position as Minister to oppress anyone but to better the lives of Nigerians. All the higher institutions established by Gbagi have provided opportunities for our young boys and girls to be educated. Also, these institutions provide numerous jobs for Nigerians. Let me ask at this juncture, “why have some persons vowed to make Gbagi a laughing stock? What is Gbagi’s offence? Does his offence emanates from his wealth as a great industrialist, as a man with prestigious charistma or as man with a robust plan to build on the good works of Okowa, come 2023?

It is a known fact that in every nook and cranny of Delta State that Gbagi was among the very few persons who brought People Democratic Party (PDP) to Delta State. Since 1999 Olorogun Gbagi has been a loyal, dependable and accommodating party member. This time around, this man who is business guru and a jugernaut has told Deltans that he wants to govern them. Deltans have looked at his score card and are trying to cue behind him. As a result, some others who intend to contest the number one seat and feel threatened by Gbagi’s intimidating credentials, score cards and acceptability are crying woff. They are therefore, bent on using any means possible to bring him down. This they have done severally but the more they embark on blackmailing him, the stronger the man becomes. The man Gbagi is not stopping anyone from contesting the governoship of our dear state, but he is challenging anyone intending to contest to present his/her credentials and score score card. Those going against Gbagi are those who feel they cannot match in him in terms of credentials, charistma, wealth and otherwise.

Olorogun Gbagi’s track record is cleaner than relay tracks. Gbagi is a self made man, who became wealthy through the grace of God and hard work. History has it that this man Gbagi has not been involved in executing contracts for government or cue for contracts at federal, state or local governments.

Gbagi has said times without number, that he was ready to build 100 industries in his first 100 day in office. He has mapped out out how he is going to achieve this if given the mandate. Without mincing words, someone like Gbagi is a blessing to Delta State. As an individual, he has been able to establish numerous industries, therefore, if giving the opportunity he will turn all our morribond industries around coupled with building new ones. Gbagi has what it takes to revitalize African Timber and Ply wood (AT&P), Sapele, Delta Glass, Ughelli, Asaba Textile Mill, Asaba, Delta Steel Company, Alaja, Warri and a host of others. Other states are searching for men of initiative like Gbagi but some baby politicians who are also eyeing 2023 are busy organising protests and ganging up against Gbagi. This is very unfair.

Last year some young women and a man were rumoured to be stripped naked by Gbagi for stealing a meagre five thousand naira. The sponsors spent millions of naira to ensure that the issue trends in the social media. However, majority of Deltans from both home and abroad knew quite well that it was mere propaganda and gang up against the incoming governor of our dear Delta State. The man Gbagi has stretched out olive braches to these distractors to join him in his aspiration to build on the Okowa legacy in 2023. This barbaric behaviour of some intending contestants should be stopped. Gbagi has endeared himself to Deltans as number one industrialist in the State. No matter what any man born of woman does can change the mind of Deltans. Even a brilliant dog in Delta State knows that Gbagi will become the Governor come 2023, therefore, people should stop chasing shadow.

Recently, the same set of persons felt threatened by the visit of Olorogun Gbagi to to the new commissioner of police posted to Delta State. The tireless, destractors organized some women lawyers to protest against Gbagi in a bid to resurrect the futile and unfounded issue of naked woman. Women are very important in every democratic setting and should not allow themselves to be used as tools by any government officials to foment trouble. Olorogun Gbagi is a very Senior Lawyer who is well conversant with every aspect of the law. It would have been better for the International Federation of Woman Lawyer to seek audience with Gbagi to know every iota of truth on the naked women saga. Lawyers are learned individuals in the society, therefore, they should be able to discern between falsehood and truth.


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