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On The Simple Funeral Of Prince Philip – Worthy Lessons For Nigerian Elites And Politicians




It was indeed a memorable event for the world and the British Royal family, as Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, was laid to rest. What stood out for me, and I believe should also be a worthy lesson for Nigerian politicians, elites and common Nigerians alike, was the simplicity that was seen in this event.

The simple funeral of the most popular Prince of England, and husband of the most powerful and notable Queen, is something that Nigerians need to learn from. The funeral was purely a military one, and the church service was also quite simple. There was no sermon, and no autobiography was read. No offerings and collections was made, like Nigerians are fond of doing in this part of the world with service of songs/funerals.

Few life lessons were read by the Priests that conducted the funeral while an old Jeep with open roof/back, was used to convey the coffin of Prince Philip.

Another thing about the funeral was that, there was no announcement of who was who in the small gathering. Unlike what we do here in Nigeria, where some persons even feel slighted and offended if you do not call their names, recognize their presence and hail them, even in the midst of the funeral ceremonies that are more of ground for mourning and grief.

We didn’t see top UK politicians, businessmen and women with their long convoys packed full of idle musular young men who would have used their brains, strength and energy for other economic viable ventures. There was no ‘show off’ amongst the crème de la crème and prominent persons in the UK, during the said simple funeral. All of which are alien to the “Nigerian elite style” of holding funerals of such a person of high status. If this same funeral of Prince Philip was to be held in Nigeria, especially in the entire Southern parts of the country, I am very certain that the whole town/city where the funeral will take place, will be shut down for a whole week, and the Nigerian masses will be subjected to a lot of pains and inconveniences so that the Nigerians leaders/elites and politicians will have a field day in showing off and wasting their ill-gotten wealth.

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With Prince Philip’s funeral, even the British Prime Minister and members of the Parliament were not seen/noticed displaying such wealth, like we see in Nigerian high-status funerals where our politicians see it as an opportunity to show off their stolen wealth. Even the said Old model Land Rover Jeep that was used for Prince Philip’s funeral, were actually designed by him for his funeral. The buidings in Windsor Castle where the funeral took place, was not painted to look new, like we do here in Nigeria. Let this funeral of Prince Philip remind us that no matter the ill-gotten wealth and clamor for more, it is all vanity upon vanity. And death is something that awaits everyone, regardless of who or what you are. And no matter the show off or waste of wealth in such high status funerals, it doesn’t bring the person back or affects their lives in any way. So, it is the best to live a simple life, and be of service to mankind and people when they are alive. Not when they die, you now want to show off your ill-gotten wealth.

Zik Gbemre,
April 17, 2021,


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