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CFX Training Centre Opens In Sapele Today




AJ Tuedor Esq, CFX Manager, joined by his team, will today open their office in Sapele, Delta State.

According to Tuedor, all networkers and those that wish to learn about the forex market can now visit the CFX office frkm tomorrow to get their problems solved.

Adding that all that seek passive income or wish to know how cryptocurrency works now have an opportunity to get the needed information.

He also invited the public today by 2pm at DEO GRATIAS BUILDING, No 263 New Road Opposite former Texaco, now MRS Filling station for the inauguration ceremony of the new office, short presentation and testimonies of beneficiaries of the CFX project.

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He noted that those in Sapele now have a chance to get acquainted with the new wealth creation trend for all ages and gender.


Cashforex or Cashfx is a company that trades on the foreign exchange or forex market for individuals. The forex market trades about $7 trillion daily having increased the more from last year when the Corona virus ravaged the world economy. How much of this comes into your account or pocket? Now imagine taking a little fraction of this trade daily… no matter how small the percentage just by having little or no knowledge of the Forex market and buying a Trading/Academy contract from this company which trades for you Monday to Friday and pays you out every saturday.

Cashfx has brought an amazing opportunity for us to earn from forex trades for those who have little or no knowledge about the Forex market or for those who don’t have the time to trade. It’s automated and this means that that the system Initiates and closes trades for you profitably without you lifting a finger.


The company makes 200% of your chosen trading contract package eg if you buy a $1000 contract, CFX trades 70% ($700) for you until you have earned a total of $2000 (which is a culmination of your capital plus profits). This trading/academy contract is not “time specific”, it is “Performance Based”. You receive profits from CFX Weekly according to the company”s trading profits for that week which normally ranges between 5-10% weekly. Once you have made double of your chosen package amount, your contract ends.

You can then decide to do 3 things:
– Renew your contract
– Upgrade your package for higher trade profits.
– Decide to take your returns and stop.

CFX Trading/Academy contract packages are 15 in number and begins with $300, or $500, $1000, $2000, $3000, $5000, $7000, $10,000, $15,000, $20,000, $30,000, $50,000, $70,000 up to $100,000.

You may decide to upgrade to any package of your choice by only paying the balance and not buying another package from the moneys traded and earned for you by CFX.

CashFX combines 4 Trending industries namely
1. The E-Learning industry: With the knowledge u get youcan be a professional forex trader and even teach others.

2. The Forex Market: The Automated Trading system by the CFX Artificial intelligence, Expert Advisors, Robotics, Softwares, proven successful strategies and 5 Professional traders of at least 25 years of Trading experience creates a 90% positive trades. You can also SEE the LIVE TRADES from your dashboard and alot of forex traders are known to copy the BUY and SELL orders and earn profits daily, separately from what CFX is trading for them. A new Copy trading system has just been introduced thereby opening members to earning more.

3. The Network Marketing industry: You can earn a further 200% more on your contract sum when u sign up others with your referral link eg your loved ones, friends, colleagues, dependents etc. A $1000 academy contract holder can earn $2000 more on his/her contract besides the $2000 CFX will trade for you, they are called the BULLS, while the passive participants are called the BEARS (sleep and still earn). There are also 7 different types of bonuses/commissions open to be earned by the Bears and the Bulls thereby making it a proven path towards the acquisition of financial freedom.

4. The Cryptocurrency industry: The growth of this industry is creating true wealth for the novice and profesionals alike just by holding it eg Bitcoin. CFX accepts Bitcoins as payment for contract and pays out weekly in Bitcoin too thereby opening all members to tap into this massive industry worth over a trillion dollars when Bitcoin hit the $42,000 its All Time High mark. Perhaps being a cryptocurrency success story himself, Huascar Lopez has in turn given all members the opportunity to also gain the all important knowledge,education and wealth that comes from the continued usage of cryptocurrency in our daily lives. Interesting isnt it?

By signing up with a members referral link.

By payment in bitcoin and trading begins on your account 3 business days later.


Here in CFX we enjoy….

1. No need to REFER anyone before u earn, bcos it is an educational/trading contract you have with CFX.

2. Automated trading system by Cfx for us earning us profits every day from monday to friday PASSIVELY.

3.We get paid EVERY SATURDAY according to CFX profits earned which is usually btw 5-10% weekly.

4. No fear of the industry crashing becos the Forex market does not crash and it is an inflation proof financial institution.

5. The Forex Market is a 7 trillion dollars traded a day market, CFX gives you the opportunity to EARN daily from this market even while u are LEARNING about the forex market from your CFX Academy modules.

6. You can see the LIVE TRADES placed by the CFX Traders directly from ur dashboard and even trade wit it if u are a forex trader. You dont need to go to Panama to confirm if the company is really trading because u can actually see it from your dashboard.

7. CFX has never missed a payment for 19 months now and running and as a legacy company, it already has plans underway for the next 5 years.

8. The company Headquarters in Panama does an “Open-Door Policy” for CFX members and prospects, Founders (Huascar Lopez & Edwin Abad) and Financial products (the CFX Academy and the Automated Trading system) are clearly spelt out for anyone to be a part of .

9. Payment and investment is done in bitcoin (cryptocurrency) so no story of bank problems, charges or governmental control. This new wealth trend also opens you to more earnings as the value of bitcoin increases, so the value of your bitcoin increases too.

10. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) used by the CFX forex traders, EAs (Expert Advisors) is top notch and developed in-house with an arsenal of robots, softwares, proven successful forex strategies and 5 human traders of over 25 years of experience.

11. No Autoship or Monthly payments to CFX for trading for you. Set it and forget it!

12. We are in a Recession now, it is smart to invest in a Recession-proof institution like the Forex Market.

13. We get paid 6 times in a month….every saturdays and every 1st and 16th of every month matrix bonus, how many times do u get paid salary in a month?

14. You can actually grow your contract even from the smallest package of $300 in bitcoin to $3000, $10,000 and even the ultimate package of $100,000 from the moneys traded from you (and your commissions and bonuses if you wish to be timeous). So many testimonies abound.


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