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Omene: There Is No Way I Will Hand Over The Affairs Of UPU To An Ijaw Man




.. Insists Taiga Is An Ijaw Man

The President General of Urhobo Progress Union, UPU, Chief Joe Orode Omene has hit out at the claim that he is not the authentic President General of the body by one Mr. Abel Oshevire, saying he (Oshevire) is not patriotic and should not be taken seriously, and adding, he will not hand over the affairs of UPU to an Ijaw man.

Omene who was reacting to Mr Oshevire publication that he (Omene) is not the President General of UPU, said, calling him, a former President General is obvious that Oshevire has lost touch with reality.

His words: “UPU is not an ordinary body; to come out to say an Ijaw man is the President General, is laughable. You can’t go to the Yoruba Afenerere, or the Ohaneze or the Arewas and say because you have lived in their land for long you can now be their President General. For a man to come out and say Olorogun Moses Taiga is the President General of the UPU, the person is only mocking himself.

“The UPU is the social cultural body and it’s established to promote the interest of the Urhobo nation, a non indigene cannot be the President General. It’s not a political position. If some people because they want to sabotage the effort of the Urhobo nation, they want to subjugate the Urhobo people and make sure that they perpetually remain as second class citizen and they come up to say an ijaw man is the President General, those people need to have their head exermined, “saying Olorogun Taiga is a self confessed Ijaw man.

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“If you say your father is an Ijaw man then what are you, is possible that you might be related maternally to Urhobo, that doesn’t qualify you to head UPU. You must be purely Urhobo both maternally and paternally. This same man has admitted in a publication that he is an Ijaw man, his father migrated from Kiagbodo to Okpare, so what more do we need to know. I didn’t wake up just to say these things, I have facts,” the Mosogar born President General said.

Omene who quoted from a book by Professor Peter Ekeh and two other persons, titled ‘Olomu and development of
Urhobo land and Western Niger Delta, Ancient and Modern version’, on how Olorogun Taiga admitted that his father migated from Kiagbodo to Okpare, the man popularly called Ogbanogba said Taiga should be proud of his tribe.

“Ijaw is a prominent tribe and one highly respected in Nigeria,” saying Olorogun Taiga should admit that his father is not an Ijaw man, and it will be an insult to his ancestors.

The Ejorofor of Mosogar also added that no election was conducted for Moses Taiga and no President General handed over the reign of affairs to him.

He continued: “From the previous PGs we have always handed over to each other, so who handed over to Taiga?”

Omene also narrated that the crisis in Urhobo was caused by some selfish Urhobo politicians who never wanted the Urhobos to produce the governorship candidate.

“They wanted another tribe to be the governor. They pleaded with me several times but I refused, so they went to meet the incumbent governor that I should be removed and when they saw that they will lost the election, they went to court and they did not succeed.”

Omene said when all efforts to stop him was in vain, they went ahead to conduct a kangaroo election android “no delegate was there. Let him name one branch delegate that attended his election,” adding that desspite the whopping sum they keep collecting from the state government, the Taiga body has not done anything tangible.

‘For the 4 years he claim to be the President General what has he done with the position. He keeps embarrassing the Urhobo nation, despite the dearth of fund we are still outperforming the Taiga group.We task ourselves. We are very resolute to save the Urhobo nation.

“There is no way I will hand over the affairs of the UPU to an Ijaw man, it’s not about money, it’s about integrity, assuming I am not there, can’t they get one Urhobo man out of the 6 million Urhobos spread across the earth? There are hundred of thousands of Urhobo men who are better than Chief Omene, can’t they get one to hold the position?”


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