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Two Dead, Three Injured As Gas Explosion Rocks Ex-Governor’s Hotel In Ogun




A gas explosion yesterday occurred at the Conference Hotel on Presidential Boulevard, Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, killing a technician and another yet-to-be identified person.

The explosion, which happened around noon, left three others with injuries.

The hotel is owned by a former governor.

The injured have been hospitalised.

The Hotel Facility Manager, Tunde Osinubi, confirmed the incident, saying it was regretted.

Osinubu, in a statement, attributed the cause of the explosion to “a fake gas cylinder.”

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He said: “A routine maintenance of the automatic revolving door at the entrance of the reception, which involved the use of oxyacetylene gas to weld the door hinges, was being carried out.

“The oxyacetylene gas cylinder suddenly exploded, killing the technician and one other person yet to be identified.

“Three other people were injured and were taken to hospital. They are responding to treatment.

“So far no sabotage is suspected. It is, however, suspected that the gas cylinder purchased at the open market may be fake and unable to withstand gas pressure.”

“The incidence of gas explosions as a result of fake cylinders being sold, has become worrisome and of great concern, as similar incidents have been reported at locations in Abeokuta.

“The hotel management sympathises with the families and friends of the deceased and wishes to warn the public of the presence of fake gas cylinders in the market.

“This incidence is, however, greatly regretted.”



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