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OLU OF WARRI CORONATION: Ogiame Atuwatse’s Reign Will Bring Prosperity To Itsekiris, Others



Chairman of Warri South council area, Dr Michael Tidi on Sunday said the reign of Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III, will usher in great prosperity, not only to the Itsekiri Nation, but also neighbouring, Ijaws and Urhobos.

Tidi made the statement while speaking to journalist shortly after the Thanksgiving ceremony of the Olu held at the Palace of the Olu in Warri.

The Warri South chairman, said the installation of Ogiame Atuwatse III will also usher in productivity in Iwere land.

“Today we are here and we are giving thanks to God Almighty for beautifying the land. You can see the beautiful ambiance in Warri Kingdom, all heralding his coming. So we are grateful to God.

“We look forward to productivity, we look forward to great prosperity and like he has said in his speech, the prosperity that he had prayed for is a shared prosperity; the one that will extend to our neighbours, the Ijaws as well as the Urhobos.

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“So this is a peaceful king. His disposition is suggestive of this and we are grateful to God for that,” Tidi said.

He was grateful to God for giving the monarch the wisdom to undo the curse that was laid on the land by his forefathers.

According to Tidi, “His Majesty’s message was divinely inspired. I never knew the potency of the curse that was laid on the land. Thankfully he was spiritually alert to his responsibility. And of course being a direct descendant of Erejuwa the 2nd he had the locus to reverse that curse. And that is what he did yesterday and we are grateful to God for it.”


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