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Bozimo, Blazing The Trail In The Temple Of Justice



By Onoriode Etatsemi

When Governor Okowa made a change of *guards* in his cabinet last year, many wondered who could the big shoes of Mrakpor, an erudite legal luminary *fit* in the ministry of justice. Some were of the opinion that he, Mrakpor may stage a come back. While others knew his mind *is* set for the plump job of the gubernatorial seat even though at the moment his intention is still hanging in the air. As we speak, he has not told Deltans whether he has the mind to run or not.

When at last, the governor decided to do the needful by announcing men and women who are endowed with credible credentials, as usual with him, he goes for the best hands for each *position* . Those who can deliver. *Little* wonder the Governor saw in the person of Bozimo, a man fit and capable for the job. When eventually, he mounted the saddle as the number one man of the ministry, many saw him as too young a man for the judicial system.

He remains the best man for the job by my observations. Isaiah Bozimo Esq, is the Attorney *General* and Commissioner for Justice Delta State. As the Chief *Law* officer, he leads a team of 218 state counsel, who work across five zones. Under his leadership, the Ministry of Justice is dedicated to upholding the rule of law, enhancing quick dispensation of justice in the administration of justice, and protecting the civil rights of all Deltans.

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Immediately preceding his appointment as the Attorney *General* , Isaiah was a partner at Broderick Bozimo & Company, *a* *law* *firm* *with* *expertise* in arbitration and litigation. *His* *arbitral* *awards* *for* *decades* *have* *never* *been* *upturned* *by* *the* *law* *courts* *due* *to* *impeccable* *standard* *and* *integrity* , *earning* *him* *respect* *and* *recognition* *by* *who is *who* *in* *the* *legal* *community* . *These* *strides* *of* *the* *legal* *juggernaut* *will* *no* *doubt* *make* *him* a *Future* *leader* *in* *Arbitration* .

Bozimo has represented state -owned entities, corporations and high net-worthy individuals in both arbitration and litigation. He has also served as a sole Arbitrator and Co-Arbitrator under the rules of international Chamber of Commerce (ICC) , the Lagos Court of Arbitration (LCA) , the Lagos state Multi -Door Courthouse (LMDC) and the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL).

He serves on the Council of the Nigerian Bar Association *Section* on Business Law and leads the Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Thermatic area of the National Assembly Business Environment Roundtable (NASSBER) . In addition, he has contributed to international *journals* , books, and guides in the field of international commercial Arbitration, such as the 40 under 40 international Arbitration ( 2020), Rethinking the role of African National Courts in Arbitration (2018) , the delos Guide *to* Arbitration Places, and the New York Convention Guide.

Isaiah Bozimo is an alumnus of Queen Mary, University of London, the London School of Economics, and the University of Central Lancashire. He is responsibly married with two sons and two daughters. He is a devout Christian.

Unpon assumption of office as the servant leader, Bozimo *swung* into action by visiting all the departments and units in the Ministry of justice where he sought to know the challenges of the staff and the way forward. Soon after that, he called for meetings with heads of departments. He did not end it there, but took his time to visit all the Zonal offices of the ministry with the team effort of the functioning Solicitor general and Permanent Secretary, Omamuzo Erebe Esq. At the Zonal offices too, he requested to know all their pains and challenges as well . One significant thing he does is that he does not delay in carrying out his promises. One point to note *also* *is* that his meetings with the state counsel is on a regular basis. He is a goal getter and proactive to issues.

Bozimo has taken the welfare of the staff to the highest burner since he came on board. Staff welfare is his priority. Claims spanning over *several* years have been settled completely. Workers now attend seminars regularly without hitch. This is largely attributable to why workers now carry out their duties with dexterity as they promptly come to work against what was obtainable in the past. They on their own *choose* to come to work very early not to offend their Boss who is encouraging them to work very hard. They preferred staying at their duty post rather than going home early. Kudos to Governor Okowa who made their working environment very conducive. Usually workers whether you like it or not, do make gossips of their leaders. This is what I know very well. In Bozimo’s case, the gossip against him is all about his good works. My prayers for this *young* *and* *vibrant* *leader* is that this template of gossips of his good works should be sustained now and thereafter.

The Honourable Attorney-General, the functioning Solicitor general and top management staff of the ministry, in other to advance their growth have sought for a memorandum for a stakeholders *summit* on the administration of criminal and civil justice system Laws to mitigate the perceived *challenges* in that area. In doing this, they wrote to the police, correctional centres, the judiciary, the Nigerian Bar Association and others. The Honourable Attorney-General added that this *summit* will be convened in the month of January where the responses they would collate from stakeholders will be deliberated upon. In the process, *all* gray areas would be sorted out for possible improvement. At the end of the conference, stakeholders according to Bozimo, will articulate a proposal that will amend the administration of criminal justice law. ” we are aware that there are problems in the system, and it is because we want to solve those problems hence we requested for a memorandum and that we are now calling for a stakeholders *summit* . And we hope that those steps we take, will help mitigate some of those problems ”

The Attorney *General* in synergy with *other* agencies in the state such as *;* *the* international Federation Of Women lawyers (FIDA ), *the* Nigerian Bar Association, *the* Nigerian Legal Aid Council etc, have resolved to deal headlong with any one, agencies, individuals, organisations that tend to breach the rights of any *citizen* of Delta State. Bozimo has often time warned that he would not condone any breaches or unlawful arrest of Deltans in any of the facilities *or* correctional centres. What he is saying here is, no Deltan should be made to suffer for what he or she knows nothing about. Only the genuine *offenders* should face the brunt of *their* actions.

The good intentions of Isaiah Bozimo, clearly *speak* volumes of his humane characteristics, *humble* background, and his God fearing disposition has added to his people’s oriented style of leadership. His position for Deltans is that every one should *live* in peace and in Harmonious Relationship in a society free from rancour and oppression . A society where no one is denied of Justice. Peace for all is his watch word.

No wonder again, during the birth day party organised for him by top management staff of the ministry of justice, the functioning Solicitor general and Permanent Secretary, Omamuzo Erebe Esq, described him as a man who is doing well on his job. He told journalists that they were honouring the Attorney general because he is hard working and a humane *personality* . He said ” if you honour the man that is doing well, he will be spurred to do more. It reminds the man that is doing well that people are noticing what he is doing”

The Chairman of the law officers Association Of Nigeria, Delta State Chapter (LOANS ) Who presented a souvenir to the Attorney general and Commissioner for Justice on behalf of his members on the ocassion of the Attorney general’s birthday, said that they were very pleased with the good works of the Commissioner hence they decided to come out to honour him on his birthday . To them, the man is good and wonderful.

The Chairman of LOANS, Chief Thomas Anigara Esq , said of his Boss, ” The Attorney general is a man who has the milk of benevolent spirit of human kindness in him. He knows how to address the plights of workers. You can imagine, since he came, you do not have to force any staff to come to work very early. On their own, they report to work very early by emulating the Commissioner and their Permanent Secretary who *come* to work as early as 8 am on each working day.

Bozimo told journalists that at the end of his stewardship in the ministry of justice, he will be remembered for doing his work well. “I want to see a situation that makes people say he did his job very well. I will be happy with that. My focus is not at the end of this administration. My focus is today. My focus is on the next day. My approach is a problem solving approach. If I see that there is *a* problem today, I want to know what is the solution rather than dwelling on the problem. I try to instill good *ethics* on every body in the ministry here.”

While wishing the staff happy and a prosperous new year, he appealed to them to be more dedicated to their jobs than they did last year, assuring that the issues of staff *welfare* will remain top most in his agenda.


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