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The Curtain Has Dropped; Ending An Era Of Manipulation



By Onakpoberuo Onoriode Victor

So much #Manipulation all in the name of God. Ravaging Wolves in sheep’s clothing…

The judgement of God is against you all hiding under “touch not my anointed”. You have made commerce and financial gain your preoccupation; you have built cathedrals at the expense of fellow believers, who feel morally obligated to support because of the fear of not offending or incurring the wrath of God.

Rather than devoting your time to the primary aim of the gospel, you choose to value #Cement, #Granite and #Reinforcing #Rods over people. Can these elements make heaven? So while the brethren are labouring day and night to build entities without eternal value, their welfare and needs are treated with suspicion and as a secondary matter. Your God is not a poor God, yet you keep rationalizing why education and healthcare services can’t be free. Can’t this your rich God financially bless you to make education and healthcare free; can God ever do this through you? Apostle John said how you know you love God is when you love the brethren and not inanimate things. These people teach making sacrificial giving to God and not to the brethren. Imagine someone traveling kilometers to give to God, living behind a neighbour who is struggling to make ends meet for his family? “Love your neighbour as yourself” is now a shallow infantile gospel with no more social and spiritual relevance today.

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The judgement of God is against you!

You twist and turn the gospel to suit your situation; imagine what some are now teaching about marriage and about women being an after thought….? It is highly disturbing. While shallow unbelievers are tapping into the wealth of God’s knowledge bank and advancing humanity through science and technology, the self accliamed deep spiritual christians are still dealing in lifeless symbolisms because of a deluded leadership whose thrust is a neurotic craving for control and reverence from men.

The curtain has dropped on these wicked souls and God’s judgement is against them. Our Master Jesus called them workers of iniquity and He rejected them with all the so called great wonders they claimed to have done in His name. I wander why people are not giving the words of our Master Jesus deep consideration in the wake of recent abuses.

COVID-19 came and humbled them, denying them access to that place where they exert unimaginable controlling powers over fellow believers; yet many haven’t learnt any lessons. Life and the meaning of existence seems to begin and end with them. These people hate public #accountability and #transparency.They don’t want to be accountable to the government, yet they want to change society. They think of themselves as having separate rules because of being”men of God”. It is a shame what people are doing in the name of God.

The curtain has dropped and some are trying hard to cling to dying straws which can barely keep them afloat. The explanations are no longer making sense, people are now begining to see through these manipulative tactics.

Instead of bricks and rods, human beings should become the central focus of the gospel of our Master Jesus. Before you mold one brick, make sure you have invested in building at least 100 lives, for eternal value is in humans and not sand and cement. But you may build totally free #schools, #hospitals and the likes (things that directly improve quality of life)

May God have mercy


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